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Yup. With DTP, MMR and OPV up till the age of 5. I was afraid of shots so my Mom signed a waiver for me in middle and high school so I wouldn't have to get boosters or any others. I am really glad for that.

I didn't have any "serious" reactions according to my parents but I do remember actually getting the shots and how it hurt then and when I got home and couldn't sleep that night.
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Fully vaxed as a kid too. On top of that ate lots of processed food, sugar, a ton of soda, etc. Today I am really sensitive to things and have a lot of unexplained allergies that seem to turn on and off on a whim.

I researched vaxes after deciding on a HB for DC#1 and the more I read the more anti-vax I became. Luckily DH knows how crazy I get when I research so me saying it was bad was enough to persuade him.
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Jr's Mom - I had a grandparent who was a chiropractor as well, I hadn't thought about that connection! Now that I do, though, I am sure he was skeptical of mainstream medicine and I imagine his influence was one reason why I was not vaccinated as a kid (and I see that influence in other ways, too, like how we ate and such).
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The children in my family were not. My mother wasn't either.
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I wasn't vaccinated as a child. I did receive the MMR and tetanus before student teaching in college.

It's normal in our family not to vaccinate as well. My kids aren't and neither is my niece.
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Originally Posted by T&D2005 View Post
**I wanted to add, I know this girl (thru our parents) who had a full term son 3 weeks after my DS was born. This kid has had multiple ear infections, the flu, pertussis, and many other rashes in the first year of his life. He is also speech delayed and is getting therapy for speech and his motor skills. He is fully vaccinated. It could just be other enviromental factors at hand but I am doubtful.
My DD has a cousin 3 weeks younger than her. She is FF, vaxed, strictly scheduled, and left to CIO. Since they share some genes and they live next door to each other, we'll see how different they turn out!

Already her cousin's been sick twice, and DD can crawl circles around her on the floor. Poor baby can't even roll over yet.
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Yes, I was. I was held down, chased down and jabbed with needles as I screamed and cried and begged them not to. The more I think about it, the angrier I get.
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The tetanus and flu vaccine I hold partially responsible for some arthritis issues I have had since age 17.

Some nervous disorders (my brother too) could be at least partially explained by them as well.

Over my dead body will they ever get their filthy needles in my baby!
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I was fully vaxed, and I was ALWAYS sick as a baby, had colic SEVERE to the point of giving drugs for it, what they used, I have no idea but apparently it worked. Ear infections, colds, etc. I've asked my mom if she noticed me getting sick after a vax, she doesn't remember(she barely slept).
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Yup, we all were. When I mentioned to my mom that I was doing research on whether or not to vaccinate she said we all had pretty severe reactions... I need to call her and find out more info on that. I had all the regular early childhood shots, as well as meningococcol during high school because there was an outbreak at a school dance (at another school).

My oldest brother and I have pretty severe environmental allergies. My middle brother would get extreme migranes as a kid when he ate certain foods with additives (like orange soda).

My DF was vaccinated too, and he had both measles and mumps as a kid. At first he gave me that "ok, crazy lady" look when I started talking about not vaccinating, but now he is completely on board.

I have never had chicken pox, nor the vaccine. My prenatal bloodwork confirmed I don't have immunity. I am considering getting the vaccine for myself (still haven't fully made a decision), but only to protect future children while I am pregnant. If I was done having kids I wouldn't bother.
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Was I vaxed as a child?


I did have vaccinated friends, as in everyone. Some of them had braces on their legs, or had allergies, or asthma, or MS, or brain tumors, all of which are linked to vaccinations, sometimes.
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I was not vaccinated as an infant/toddler, but received shots prior to entering school at age 6. I was/am very healthy. I was also breastfed until 3 yrs. and I am sure that helped.
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You know, I was just thinking about this some more. I NEVER got sick as a kid until my family started insisting I receive the flu shot. Every year they forced me to get one and every year I got very, very ill. Hmmm. Interesting.
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I think I got my last vax at 12 or 13. I was fully vaxed up till then but I don't do boosters, and I don't vax DS. DH has to be vaxed for all kinds of stuff since he's in the Army. :
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I believe I got my last vaccination when I was five or so. I may have gotten shots after that, but I don't believe so. I distinctly remember having a terrible reaction to my DTP shot. My leg, on the side that was injected, was hot, sore, and for awhile I actually could barely move it. It felt like it was going numb, and I had to hobble around the house. It was a really scary feeling actually, thinking back, but at age five I just thought that was what happened. I know my mother had to have signed the exemption form to get me into high school, because I never had my 12 year old measles shot and I am fairly positive I didn't have any in my teen years, and definitely none since I had my daughter.
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I would be coming more from your hubby's perspective, as a child I was always vaxed, loaded up with antibiotics, stuff like that. In my house vaccinations were just a normal thing, never questioned, because the doctors said it was the right thing to do. When I first had DD, I went right along with that line of thinking, but now I have seen the light

No more vaxes for her!
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yes, i was but i only recieved about 10 doses as opposed to the close to the 40 doses they want to inflict on our children today. when does it just become too much for our children?i decided to stop the madnesss with my children.
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I was fully vaccinated

I was born 3months early in 82, weighing 2lbs 2oz.

I have a 3yr old brother a 2 yr old sister and my mom is very pro vax.

She keeps telling me i'm going to die if i get the chicken pox because i never got that vax and never got the chicken pox when friends got them.

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