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Candy themed birthday party ideas

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[Mods: I considered putting this somewhere else, but it seemed to fit best here. If it needs to be moved, I understand!]

My girls (ages 4 and 5.5) are having a combination birthday party this year, and the theme they've finally decided on and both seem really excited about is "candy." Kind of a Candyland-esque idea, I think.

I'd love some ideas! We're going to do red and white (and maybe pink) streamers and balloons, and the cakes are going to have a Candy Mermaid and a Candy Fairy - one for each of the girls. They don't have to be MADE from candy, but I'd like them to look like if there was Fairytale Candy Land, that they would be a mermaid and fairy that lived there. Kwim? (If ANYONE has ideas how to make that a reality, help me!) They can also be made of candy. Just something I can do myself!

I'd love suggestions for candy-decoration-crafts that I havent' thought of (we've thought of styrofoam balls wrapped in shiny colored paper like hard candies and construction paper candy canes - I'm not very crafty.)

Also any inexpensive-but-nice favors for the guests. Something to go with the theme, but NOT just more candy. We're broke, but I'd like to have even just a small something. Maybe some sort of take-home craft??

Please share some ideas, they've had to delay this party so long that I'd really like it to be very fun and special for them!
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Hi Colleen
Yes themed birthday parties can get expensive.
I sure did love hosting them when my kids were young though.
I've looked into a few idea's that may be useful
For decorations, you could pick up styrofoam & create super sized candy cane's. You could get the kids to help paint them (you'll only need red paint). I'm sure styrofoam isn't expensive & may be available free if you look into it.
And of course the ever loved pinata. Always a fav.
And for loads of other idea's ... just surf the web. You'll be amazed at what you'll find.
Have Fun
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Hmmmm... how about using that "shoelace" licorice (in red) for hair on the mermaid/fairy, or to outline the fairy's wings? Green/blue m&m candies for the mermaids tail or red/yellow to color in the wings? (our local grocery has individual colors of m&m type candies in the bulk section)

Activity/craft- since it's a candyland type party, maybe buy a pack of construction paper and make a "kid sized" version of the game? (If it's snowy outside, water with food coloring can make a "playing board", if it's warm/dry colored yarn can be pegged down or chalk can be used to make the board). Then each kiddo could craft one of the game's characters (list here) and take that home as a memento after playing a "real life" version of the game? Maybe with special activities for each of the "named spots" in the game? For example, each kiddo gets a big construction paper peppermint and at each named square they get a sticker or stamp on a stripe of the mint... by the end of the game their mint is full of stickers or glitter or whatever.

Or get those little terracotta pots (tiny ones are a quarter) and a "candy" like flower seed (like "candy tuft", "chocolate snapdragon", "chocolate sunflower", or "candycane marigold") or herb like peppermint... let the kiddos paint the pots and send them home with pot & flower/herb seed to "grow a candy plant"

Personally I love theme parties as long as they're "creative" (not those "order a theme"/"theme in a box" type deals)... I feel like a theme can actually make things less expensive because once the theme is set a lot can be left to the imagination! I did an Alice in Wonderland tea party with a half dozen unmatched thrift store cup/saucers, some jam & cookies, a few types of tea, and some streamers/balloons. It rocked and the kids had a blast playing mad hatter musical chairs.
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I saw this post yesterday but didn't have any great ideas... but i just stumbled across this page with craft ideas and thought of your candy party. :-) It's actually Valentine's ideas, but I thought some of them could be easily modified to be just generic candy ideas... the candy necklace, the lollipop posies... I dunno. just a thought! Oh, and gingerbread men crafts are fairly common - you might even still be able find some gingerbread man shaped craft supplies on clearance from xmas time, although it's pretty late for that.
Good luck!
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Well, I know it's an old thread but I was thinking that felt food play candy would be a good party take-home gift.
Wrap up some stuffing in felt and tie like candies, make some cookies, striped candy sticks, etc. In the toys forum there is a long felt food thread filled with ideas and photos.
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Kids love candy, so its always a winning theme. With lots of candy and lots of balloons you cant go wrong.
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