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Homemade Lip Gloss? or Balm?

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Hey I am thinking about making homemade lip balms or glosses for my friends family (and for me!)- can anyone give me any words of advice? Especially regarding recipies that work or dont work, tips, tricks, etc etc good places to get tins or tubes, and other supplies I will need?
Any help will be appreciated!

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Joannes has tubes and melt and pour lip balm base as well as colors and flavors. There are places online that sell tubes and pots too. I'll have to look it up though.
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Alkanet root, when gently cooked (never boiled) for 10-15 minutes in oil turns the oil a beautiful wine red, making for a nice lip balm.

I use 5 parts oil to 1 part beeswax and add Vit E oil to help preserve. I like using different oils but my favorite is grapeseed.

Using Peppermint or Tangerine Essential Oil makes for a nice smelling/tasting balm. I use 1 drop for a small round lip container (1/4 oz I believe). I found some containers at a local dollar store but only once (3/$1.00), I bought them out. I've also found lip containers on internet.

I called it "edible lip gloss" one year and gave to all of my 9 neices with a few other herbal items. It was a big hit.

Making herbal gifts is such a good stress reliever during the high stress holidays!!!

Good luck!
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Hey Sly, If you don't mind me asking, where are you in Maine?Mary in Mariaville.
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I'm down in Brunswick for the time being. Wheres Mariaville? And you can call me Sally (SLY are my initials)...
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i just got home from a craft fair where i sold $83 worth of lip balm (mostly, some healing salve and solid perfume, too). i love making this stuff!! i got into it by reading some mamas here talking about it and thought, "i can do that!" so investigating i went. i found a great site that sells awesome tubes & pots ... this site is great too. i just got some flavor oils from here and they are awsome!

this is my recipe:

1 tsp beeswax pellets
1 tsp lanolin
1T oil of your choice
flavore oil to taste

that's it! very simple, but very luscious on da wips... i melt the wax first, then add the oil and then the lanolin last. i use a pyrex cup in a pan of water. when you add the lanolin, take it off the stove because it is heat sensitive. after you add the flavor, pour into containers.

i have had so many compliments on this balm.

i just started using shea butter as well in place of the lanolin (same amount). ...a very nice balm as well. i'm waiting on some more shea butter and then i think i'll use half and half of the lanolin and shea butter...i first tried using cocoa butter and didn't like how it turned out.

anyway, sorry to get long winded...i really do love making this stuff!! let me know how it turns out and please feel to ask any questions!

happy balm making!!
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thanks for posting that recipe...
I have to find some containers to do that. Where do you get yours? And where do you get your ingrediants?

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mona, there are links in my previous post...you can get supplies and containers at both places...the first one is the best for containers.
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So for those with experience in this area, would you say that this is an inexpensive or expensive craft/project in terms of startup costs? Here's the deal- my MIL says she will fund the startup costs of an inexpesive craft or project if I would like to sell something at her store. ( I LOVE MY MIL I AM SO LUCKY!!!) She was thinking herb sachets or something, we were joking around and saying oh the underwear drawer would have to get a special sachet.... So I have started to think. I looked at all my saved files in my "favorites" file on the computer- I have one I labelled Craft ideas i really want to try- And given that I not quite as handy with a sewing machine as I'd like, Im thinking that sewing is pretty much out the window. So one of my files saved was for homemmade bath salts, etc etc etc and LIp Balm.... I am a lip "gook" gal, and I thought hey maybe I could do this. It seems as though in would not take too too too much time to get things going- not too much time in the kitchen, a somewhat simple procedure... What do you guys think? I am I totally wrong? Or right on? What do you think....Thanks you guys!!!

P.S. I am still going to make some for me and my family, regardless.....
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3boyz - when you say "oil of your choice" Could you give a few examples of good choices?

(I've been wanting to try this forever...i'm a lip balm junkie!!! I'm so glad I found this thread, yet another awesome idea for holiday presents!!!!!)
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i would have to say that it is realtively inexpensive.

this is a guesstimate of what it might cost:

from Majestic Mountain Sage

16 oz beezwax beads -- $7
16 oz sweet almond oil -- $6.50
16 oz lanolin -- $8.75
10 pk transleucent lip balm tubes -- $2.50
10 pk lids for tubes -- $0.70 (you can mix and match, that's why they are separate)
10 pk low profile lip balm pots -- $4.80
flavor oils range anywhere from $3-4 for a 1 oz bottle (another great place to get flavor oils is www.fromnaturewithlove.com )

TOTAL: approx $34.25 + shipping

so there's something to think about anyway...let us know what you decide!

Andrea -- you can use sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, extra light olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, apricot oil....that's all i can think of at the moment....HTH!!
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My lip balm recipe is:

1 oz Coconut oil
1 oz Cocoa butter
1 oz Shea Butter
1 oz beeswax

Melt it all together (I put everything in a glass measuring cup and then place it in a pot with some water about half way up the cup). After it's melted remove from heat and add your EO's, then pour into your containers.

This makes a good amount of balm so what I don't use or give away I put in the fridge until I need it later.
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do you think that Micheals would have any of these products? OR would you recommend ordering them on line?
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Sally, fyi Mariaville is about an hour northwest of Bar Harbor, in the boonies to be precise.

I've gone back and forth with the idea of making balm, lip stuff etc but I keep coming to the fact that I have no capital at all at this point. But I keep making for home and family use and whenever I can, give some away as a gift.

I've been reading a great book about at home business start ups called "Making Money from Home" by Liz Folger. It has some awesome info and tips from all sorts of at home moms, including craft makers. There's also a great sample business plan, press release info etc etc.

I think with a good business plan and some market research one could make a killing. Look at how Bert's Bees has been doing after only a few years, they are in every supermarket and natural food store around (in Maine, anyway).

Personally I'm going to start up a word processing business because it's a service, not a product, and I set myself up with hardware, software, supplies etc before I had my son.(way back when when I had money). I won't have to worry about where to get the money to buy supplies to fill orders. BUT someday I will have the herbal company, because that is what I love doing.

If you have someone to put money into, I say go for it. Let me know how things go!!!

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I am not really anticipating huge booming sales, though she thinks that whatever is sold under the unbrella of this store cant help but do well. Anyway, I am thinking about it. 40 bucks is worth a shot and if it moves, so much the better. But in the mean time, think of the Xmas Presents I will have taken care of- I have a lot of people to give to... So every little bit helps. So I may have to get cooking.. Any thoughts from anyone on, like, Top 10 things to avoid?

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wholesalesuppliesplus.com has really great prices on lip balm stuff. The tubes are really inexpensive.
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hi, sally! just curious what decided to do with the lip balm endeavor (sp?)?
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I am still thinking about it. I am hesitant to start up a new venture- even if I dont have to cover start up costs. I have a lot of crap going on now financially ( just the usual poverty, excess credit card debt and excess student loan saga) and so I am not really feeling like rushing into stuff. On the other hand, why not try? Maybe it would be good thing. Maybe it would just be a nice little sideline hobby, something to make a little extra cash off of now and then. But I dont have the means to do much past what the MIL is willing to do.... So I am hesitant. Anyway I also dont want to turn this potentially fun project into an added stress in my life. I have 1 son, 2 part time jobs, a hubby and a dog... I get little me time as it is to meditate, do yoga, shower for gods sake! , etc... Do I really want to add lip balm to the mix? But then, why not? Icould cut out tv and then Id have more time. I have sorta started to be an insomniac- 1030pm qualifies as insomnia for me- and so I just sit and watch the boob tube... I could be doing lip gook or something.... ANyway I am teetering on the edge of a decision. I'll keep you posted... Thanks for asking!!!

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well, for what it's worth...i LOVE making the stuff...like this am i was only going to make a *few* tubes...spent most of the morning doing it...: ...till i ran out of tubes...anyway, it's fun...i hope you are able to do it!
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Just thought I'd chime in and let you know that this thread has gotten me started!! I just placed a big order with fromnaturewithlove.com for stuff to make lip balm and M&P soap, for X-Mas gifts!! I'm so excited to try it out, I can't wait till my stuff gets here!!! :LOL
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