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That's awesome, andrea! but i must warn you..it's ADDICTING!! beware of the flavor oil bandit...once you start you will want try EVERY flavor oil you see!! have fun! and be sure you find a recipe...it's sssssooooooo much easier with a recipe...when i first started i just winged it and didn't like any of it, but then i found a recipe that i LOVE and it's been great ever since! let us know how your's turn out.
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OK I think that I am going to do some Lip Gloss for Xmas, and see how I do with that. If it feels like something I can keep up with then I will do a batch for MIL and see what happens. ANd if it dosnt fly then I have some more presents on my hands, right?

Now why do some recipies say flavor oil and others say essential oil w/ no mention of flavor? Is it b/c flavor sortof comes w/ the E. Oils? And do you guys w/experience find its a hard cleanup- and consequently do you have "special" lip gloss making pots/pans? What other tips tricks can you share while I wait for payday until I can order some stuf....Plus any thoughts on "MAN" lip balm for the very manly types with chapped lips from Snowboarding, skiing, etc...

Thanks- this is going to be fun....

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as far as flavor vs essential oils go...they are just what the names imply...flavor oils are just flavored, cosmetic grade oils, and essential oils are the same essential oils you hear people talk about. some EO's that people use are peppermint, spearmint, sweet orange, tangerine, some use tea tree as a healing lip balm. tha flavor oils are endless...grape, strawberry, bubble gum, peach, vanilla, cappuccino, cucumber melon, buttercream...those are a few that i have. manly flavors could be vanilla, my hubby likes grape, some may like the mints or you could just not put pany in and just have it be "unscented".

i don't use special eqipment. i make a double boiler type thing with my pytrex measuring cup and a pan of water. for clean up i just always eveything off as i finish with it. it's harder to clean up is youlet things solidify. by using the pryrex cup it makes it way easier to pour lip balm into the tubes.

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3boyz4us - May I ask how much you sell a tube of lip balm for? I'm assuming your recipe only makes one tube? And how did you get into this business? That sounds so cool! Are you licensed? Thanks for sharing your recipe. I'd like to make this for Christmas gifts!!!!
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SmashingHP -- actually the recipe i gave make 4-5 tubes. i got into making salve and lip balm by hearing mamas here at MDC talk about it and i thought "hey, i can do that!" and then began mass quantities of research for places to buy supplies and packaging (i'm still always looking for places to buy different packaging...i just a ordered some rectangular slide top tins to try and see if those sell at all, and i ordered some itty-bitty pots to sell for cheap, $0.25, at a craft fair as samples). i'm not selling it like i'd like, i just don't know how to get the word out there. i have some in a craft store in my town and also at the place i get my hair done. i have done a couple of craft fairs. and am throwing around the idea of setting up an internet biz, but know very little about what all is involved with that, am trying to learn. i sell my tubes/pots for $2 ea. don't exactly know what you mean by licensed, but i don't have any legal documentation of my biz yet. i need to look into it more if i really want to go somewhere with it all. it is fun though!
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Where did you get the slide top tins? That sounds fun.
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Just a heads up. My wal-mart now has flavored oils for making candies that I think would work well for lip balm It's 1.94 for 2 small bottles
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I second the slide top container question.

Also, when I told my MIL about my decision to give it a go, she told me I ought to check into federal and state laws govening cosmetics- since lip balm is possibly considered "ingested" as it goes on the lips and presumably into the mouth. (Good god this is getting tricky!Laws!?!?!??! Government!?!??!and lip balm????!?!??!?)
It looks like the only requirement is an ingredients label. Anyone with experience in the area of laws know more? I'll do a more thorough search on the internet at naptime today to see what I learn, but I thought I'd ask.
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i got my tins www.alysasssoapcottage.com ... i don't put ingredients on my lip balm...prolly should, huh? i've thought but haven't done any research on it...
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the other link didnt work... try this one...
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Any lip balm flavorings a site sells are FDA approved as safe for ingestion.

Not all states are the same (I know Florida is the most strict) but lip balm flavoring have already been through all that nasty testing saving you the headache.

I wouldn't use candy flavorings.

Not all EOs and flavoring are ok for lips as erm...not a scientist but there is such a thing as photo-toxicity (something about reaction to sunlight blah I *so* cannot explain it)

Mint EOs are ok but lime and some other EOs are not ok for lips (lime EO is photo toxic)

I like this site for that sort of thing.


I agree that wholesalesuppliesplus is a great site too.
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oops...thanks, sally...got too many s's, huh?
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OK new question..... Labels? Stickers? Hmmmmm...
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for labels...i started out just using the mailing label part of our quickbooks program...then decided that i needed to find something that looked more professional so i found a label making program. they look way better now.
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I just checked out Majestic Mountain Sage and they have a kit for lip balms
it's this item

404-1200 Friends for Tea Kit
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Carrie, thank you so much for your recipe. It is divine. My whole family is in love with it.

I do have a few questions though:
I did it with peppermint EO first. One comment that I got was that it wasn't sweet. So I had seen a few recipes that had honey so I added some. But it didn't incorporate well. There were little honey globs. I tried to heat it more and it didn't help. Does anyone have any pointers.

I also read on another website (I can't remember) that the flavor oils really aren't flavors but just sents that are acceptable for lip gloss. I have found that to be true. I have apple and raspberry that I got from Michaels and it really isn't flavored just smelly and again it is not sweet. I saw on some of the sites that you can buy sweetner is that what you do? Are the ones that you are buying really flavored and would you buy the sweetner or figure out the honey thing? I also read that the sweetners make you lick your lips and dry them out which I believe to be true so maybe I will skip that part.

I think that is it. This is really fun. TIA..
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They have sweetners but it is stevia.

it is up to you whether you would want to use it. Brambleberry has it on their site.

another thing they use to sweeten lip balm is sacchrine.

Honey is pretty hard to get mixed in well so I don't really make sweet lip balm.
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baileysmommy -- thank you, and you are welcome! i love it as well! as far as sweet oils go, i don't mess with all that, i'll use if they come presweetened, but don't worry about it if they are not. i just use the flavor oils as they are and have had no complaints about it not being sweet. www.thesage.com has some flavor oils that are presweetened if you want a sweet oil...and i have read also that the flavor oils don't actually have a flavor pre se. if you want a good site for flavor oil i would suggest either the one i just mentioned or www.fromnaturewithlove.com ...they have awesome ones as well. if you do want to sweeten it i have read that stevia is the sweetener of choice like abimommy mentioned.

let me know if i can help with anything else!
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Bumping so I can find this easily
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hi, stephanie! whatcha makin'? i can always talk about lip balm making... i went to a craft fair...had an ok day...sold about $70 worth...mostly lip balm, some healing salve, a couple solid perfumes.

happy balm making...
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