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So... What should a five month old be DOING????

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And how on earth do you entertain them?

As in, what developmental milestones would a parent be looking for to see if their child was roughly on track? And what kind of "stuff"/activities do you do with them?
I'm assuming one would expect more than "be carried, pee/poo, sleep, roll from front to back, grab toes."


edit: and how MUCH should they be consuming, (no solidsyet, formula fed - uh... the stuff in the yellow & metalic gold can with lipil/ DHA/ ...ARA?)
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sounds pretty accurate to me...

let's see... ds is 4 months and a touch...

lay on tummy - lifting head (super baby!)
play with toys
roll to back
grab toes
grab toy and flail about
smile at mama
laugh at sister
roll to tummy

yeah with some nursing and carrying and peeing and pooping mixed in...

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Edit in post #1
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Can't help with the food question because she is breast fed on demand. My LO enjoys sitting on the floor, she can sit up for forever unassisted at this point so she enjoys playing with her toys in this position. She comes into whatever room I am in and enjoys banging on pots with spoons in the kitchen, looking at books in the living room, playing with toys. She loves her keyboard, bangs away on that thing. She spends some time on her back and tummy and will roll around a bit to get to new places. On occasion she enjoys being in her bounce baby exersaucer. She likes to watch her older brothers and the dogs. We enjoy going for fall walks in the carrier or stroller. We go to storytime at the library every Wednesday and a mothers singing group on Tuesdays which is awesome to learn new songs to sing to her. She loves doing patty cake, the wheels on the bus, head shoulders knees and toes.

I would say developmentally they should be able to sit assisted, roll one way, and enjoy interactive activities.

Edit to add: She also enjoys gnawing on breast milk popsicles in her mesh feeder as well as frozen cubes of fruits and veggies.
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our boys are 5 months old ....

-- HATE the swing .. might as well take it down
-- tolerate the baby rocker (bouncer seat on a sturdy frame. converts to toddler rocker)
-- like the exersaucers
-- like the Bumbo for a while, if someone (DD#2) talks to them
-- love the baby carriers (Bjorn for DH, hotsling for me)
-- watch us read books to DD#2
-- tummy time .... Adam is on his hands and knees, trying his darnedest to crawl. Thomas was more content to hang out, but is now getting more active. I will put a book or toy nearby, and they try to get it. Both babies are rolling around.
-- we've tried a little bit of cereal, since they have been STARING at us when we eat, and grabbing food off our plate. Not sure if they ate much for DH, but they didn't act too concerned when I fed them.
-- they are grabbing everything in sight, and taking it to the mouth to chew on. I now have to be careful about what's in arm's reach of them.
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thank you all for your replies there is now a spin off, telling what he *is* doing... it seems like he's a little behind in some areas but I don't know if it's cause for concern... what he's doing
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