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Palpating twins

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It's only intuition and a spattering of "maybe" symptoms telling me that twins are a possibility for me here at 27 1/2 weeks, as I'm not getting u/s and my midwife doesn't suspect multiples. However, the thing that keeps throwing me off is that when I palpate my belly, I can usually only feel one head/back/butt (that is, when I can feel a head/back/butt with all the squirming. I feel a ton of movement all over, and in seemingly far between places, but my first babe was 24" long, so it may just be that I have a pole bean singleton.

Mothers of diagnosed and undiagnosed twins, was palpating much of an indicator for you?

(And bless you all for your indulgence of us pregnant-and-suspecting mothers--I know there are a TON of threads on just how to KNOW when you don't know FOR SURE, and I really appreciate the feedback! )
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I think feeling movement REALLY early on is more a sign than a lot of movement (at least it was for me). As most will say, an u/s is probably the sure-fire way to tell. Also, fundal height being a month ahead is typical, though not everyone's experience. Have a great pregnancy!
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By palpation alone, I would not have suspected twins because they were in a "spooning position. Felt the back of one and legs/arms of the other which could easily have been mistaken for one baby. Usually a midwife can palpate twins if she feels at least THREE fetal poles. 2 heads and a butt at the same time or 2 butts and a head. Are you measuring ahead as well?
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Same here as MamaRabbit. My twins were laying front to back instead of side to side. In fact, when I measured so big at my 20 week appt my MW was trying to feel two fetal poles but couldn't since he was laying underneath her. She felt "a lot of baby" though.
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Originally Posted by Intertwined View Post
She felt "a lot of baby" though.
This, YES, more baby than I can usually get a good mental picture of. I'm measuring a little ahead, but only a little bit, and it's my second pregnancy, so my mw attributes it to that.

Thanks for your responses, mamas. I suspected it would be difficult to tell, but I will indeed be on the "feel" for 3 poles!!
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Not every twin mom measures huge. It's pretty individual and really depends on how the babies are laying and your anatomy. Good luck!
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Our twins were undiagnosed, and born at home (surprise!)

The midwife never felt two babies, and in fact I never felt even ONE butt anywhere...though we knew the "baby" was head down when she felt for it (later on, of course...from around 4 months on I "knew" "baby" was "posterior" due to all limbs and no head or butt being felt....)

I would often feel more feet than possible, or in positions where it didn't make sense, and I DID wonder...

BUT, the only reason I dismissed any doubts was that my fundal height ALWAYS measured RIGHT ON, not even a centimeter past my weeks, even until the last week (38).

So, palpating didn't discover them, though if they had palpated daily, hourly, I think they would have found all the limbs I did...

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