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reasons why a 3 month old might be uncomfortable?

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My 3 month old has always been a relatively cheerful guy with days between major outbursts. For the past 5 days he has been complaining quite a bit throughout the day. Starts out cheerful in the morning but it gets progressively worse as the day goes on. It sounds like discomfort to me. Sometimes I just think he's learning how to use his voice and that his whining is a sound he's learning to use but I don't think so. He can be mildly expressive about his discomfort for an hour or so (with smiles and giggles in there to) especially if you keep him distracted but usually ends up breaking down into a heightened level of complaining. What could it be? Gas, teething? His bowel movements are the normal yellow breastfed poo (sometimes there is mucous in there), he has no fever and doesn't spit up much(maybe 1-2 times a day).

Any advice would be appreciated!
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Doesnt sound like teething if there aren't any other signs (drool, chewing, etc)

Macey whines sometimes for awhile when she is trying to poo, not constipation, just learning, you know? working it out... could that be it?

I noticed TONS of changes at three months, that was big for us. It wasnt just enough to be held and rocked and look at faces. This was when we started using rattles and blocks and other toys to grab and play. she would whine if she got bored.

you did say it was more like whining, right? not quite crying but just not so happy? otherwise, it could be things like reflux or gas or just plain tiredness. They are doing so much more at three months then they were at two, and it can take a lot out of them

hope I helped...
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Being a baby is hard work, you know.

Really, I think it just comes with the territory. Even the most pleasant/happy/laid back babies get like that. They spend all of their awake time working very hard to learn a whole lot in not a lot of time. I'd complain too.

Relax and enjoy your baby. If there are real obvious signs of distress (inconsolable crying, for example) then it's time to think about reasons.
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It sounds like my little girl as well, she whines when she gets frustrated. It happened a lot right before she learned to grab and right before she learned to sit up. Now it's because she wants to pull herself up on our hands and walk. When she get's really flustered and a new toy and attention won't help, I put her in a carrier and walk with her to help her calm down. Then she'll either be sleepy or be centered enough again to want to play.
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Kendall did this the other night (11 weeks old). I sneezed and it scared him so he started crying, fine. But he started screaming 15 minutes later and it took me another 15 to get him to settle down. I think he just like to hear his own voice.
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Could be frustration, boredom or colic. DS had colic and it didn't start till 2 months or so, and lasted till about 5 months. He could be teething, some babies start around that time. You could try to wear him, or take him for a walk, that helped for me when my son was that age. Good luck!
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Yes, It's more whining....not really crying, just a general I'm not happy sound.

Guess I'm just being a freaked out first time mom. Of course today he has been perfectly content and not much whining at all. He is going through major changes right now(when aren't they!). For the past week he's been working hard on rolling over from his back to front....he can't seem to make it over that damn arm! He's also gotten good at reaching for things and holding onto them. So I think it could just be that he's exhausted or frustrated. Who knows....

Anyways, thanks for all of your feedback. I feel reassured reading your responses and am going to try not to worry and just enjoy instead!
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