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I have long heavy hair as well and scarves and headbands rarely stay on well for me. The only way I've been able to keep them on is to clip them in place with the clippy barettes or by using bobby pins. And even then I usually have to reset the scarf at least once during the day. I have seen some special headbands on some of the headcovering sites that will help keep the scarf in place, but I've never tried them so I don't know how effective they are.

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Can anyone recommend a good longer snood style cap that works to wear under a hijab or by itself? I've been using the tube underscarves underneath an Amira style hijab, but I don't always have time to braid my hair and put the braid into a bun. I'd like a longer snood as my hair is nearly down to my waist and I don't want it to ball up / tangle inside the snood cap. 

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I know this is old but I'm new to MDC. As said before Tznius.com has snoods; depending on the thickness of your hair the Belgian might work as an under scarf. I like to wear snoods as outerwear, being a christian but of no particular denomination. Devorahs are my favorite & they come in a variety of sizes as well.

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