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I have pretty fuzzy hair, so I've just gotten used to it getting caught every time. That sounds kinda sad.
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This is a neat thread. It's so awesome to hear of women from all different walks of life believing in modesty. I am a hijabi muslima. Lately I've just been throwing the same old black scarf on out of laziness, but now I'm motivated to find something a little less boring.
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So, I stopped covering for awhile, and have been vainly doing silliness with my hair- cutting, dying and what-not. And... I've enjoyed it.

I started on antidepressants again, and that helped me deal with some of the post divorce stuff I was going through. And part of that seems to be me reclaiming myself as myself. I still cover occasionally, if the Spirit moves me or I feel it is warranted for the situation (like Mass or really busy places).

But like I said, I am loving doing my hair however I want and getting compliments. I guess it's cyclical for me right now. If I meet someone, I may go back to full time covering, since what I do will then only be for him and I.
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I'm Catholic, but full time head covering is something I've always been drawn to. I think Christian head covering is becoming lost and that makes me sad, I think it's a powerful devotion to God. I haven't even been covering at Mass because I lost my head scarf and haven't gotten around to getting another
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For those talking about tying on coverings & getting some hair stuck... I'm glad it's not that I'm just completely inept!
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just placed an order through hijabgirl. even tho i'll only be covering when at the masjid, for now, this feels like a big plunge. previously i had made do with a couple of things i had on hand. because spending money felt like i was making a commitment i did not know if i was ready to make. thank you all for this thread. because having little $ to spend, i can tell you my family would think i am nuts to be buying scarves.
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Originally Posted by kangamitroo View Post
previously i had made do with a couple of things i had on hand. because spending money felt like i was making a commitment i did not know if i was ready to make. thank you all for this thread. because having little $ to spend, i can tell you my family would think i am nuts to be buying scarves.
I *completely* understand, because that's exactly how I felt - and still do to some extent, even though DH now fully embraces my desire to cover at church & is actually very pleased with it.
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I have been watching this thread since its start. Needless to say, covering (as a Christian and even in my pre-Christian days) is something I have been drawn to for a long time.

I just wanted to thank you all for the diversity, love and support I have seen here. It is so beautiful and inspiring. I have found strength to take my first, private steps into covering my hair.

I am not sure how this practice will unfold for me. Somedays, I feel very called to cover my hair and other days, I do not. Presently, I am just rolling with that. I have not divulged to anyone why I wrap my hair. Right now, I feel like this is just something between me and my Abba--- my fellow mamas just think I am having a LOT of bad hair days.

Peace to each of you.
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Originally Posted by abclan View Post
my fellow mamas just think I am having a LOT of bad hair days.
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my order arrived. i got this shayla wrap in a couple of colors (including the sapphire blue). at first i thought i picked something with too many sequins, but i do think it looks pretty. my clothes tend to be on the plain side, so i can use a bit of brightening. i got underscarves which at first felt snug, but once on i forgot about it and i love how well the wrap stays put. i might try cotton not polyester underscarf next time.

i love the feel of the pashmina wraps at Target, actually, but when i try to wrap them i seem to have so much fabric to contend with. any tips?
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I tend to think the same thing with regard to sequined scarves ... I always pass them up, and then I see friends or relatives wearing them and not at all looking like the walking disco ball I assume I'm going to turn into if I put one on. I'm sure they'll look lovely.

Pashminas ... yeah. They are just a *lot* of fabric. I wear them, but I don't know how to wear them that they don't feel like the lot of fabric that they are. So I'm more commiseration than help, I guess.
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Hi Everybody:

CNN has a piece on Islamic fashion...

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I brought this issue up with my husband, and he was NOT pleased. When I was with my first husband I was very conservative, always wore long skirts, covered my hair, taught Hebrew school, etc. I'm much more myself now, and my husband loves my freedom and independent spirit and also my femininity. So he's pro-skirt but he also loves my hair, both for its own merits and as an expression of sensuality. He doesn't want me hiding that and I think he's worried that, after the miscarriage, I'm going to get more religious than he's comfortable with (he's very NOT religious).

Of course I have a right to cover my head if I want to but I don't want my husband viewing it in a negative light. I'm not sure how to explain it, why I want to cover or what it would mean. Anyone else in my shoes?
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So I started covering regularly in the late spring. I started dressing modestly last winter, but not winter clothes with the covering. Today was... interesting and highly amusing.

Apparently, there is little I can do to stand out MORE than to dress in a long sleeve black shirt, black and white long skirt and black tights (despite the cold rainy weather, the fact that I work next to a door that is constantly opening and closing, and our dress code that skirts must be black and long), with a dutch coronet covering, like this: I think I would have attracted less notice here in berkeley if I worn I don't know, well, if I were stark naked I think I would have attracted less attention.

I got all sorts of comments and looks: CUTE (like you might say to a puppy or a parade of 3 year olds in the most adorable halloween costumes).

Is that a ...traditional costume? (me explaining that it is me reverting to modesty because I'm feeling more sensitive and insecure) it looks like you stepped out of the amish country. (this had me laughing internally for maybe 45 minutes. I may look more traditional in a... orthodox jewish or some other way but looking amish? It just made me think about the few friends I've made in my time who were amish, and my own personal preconceived notions of the amish, and what I did like, and likeing looking a little different and etc.)

I also got a compliment on my dress from one of the guys at work and a lot of odd looks from customers.

Oh, and one woman at work said "Are you religious" (which of course I am, but I knew that what she meant was (are you orthodox/chassidic/chabad/other type of judaism that is considered more strict/observant/religious by most people). I replied that I cover my hair for spiritual reasons being not quiet married, and that the cold weather made me look more don't remember the word than I was. "Oh. I used to be religious". Which got me started on a whole though train. "Of course I'm religious. I'm shomer shabbat and I keep kosher. Well, I guess a lot of people wouldn't consider me shomer shabbat, nor respect how I keep kosher since I'm not as shomer shabbat and don't keep as kosher as they do. But why should that be. gosh dang it, I'm keeping a heck of a lot more kosher and shabbat than I grew up with, while they might be keeping a lot less. I'm increasing my observance, why should that lead me to be judged less observant. Doesn't shomer shabbat means observant of the sabbeth? that I am, even if I'm ok turning on light switches. I don't work, I don't go on the computer, I go to shul, I light candles".

Anyways, I found it highly amuzing, but it definitely could have been very hurtful if I wasn't in the mood to take it all as amuzing. I wonder what comments I will get if I return to last winter's wardrobe of a long skirt, and a button down long sleeved shirt, with a covering.... lol
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I can guarantee you don't look Amish.

Glad you took it well. It can take a while to get used to the weird comments.
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Joining. I am "in transition" as well and need support. I've been in and out and now I want to be back in. At the moment, I'm like zero connected in the local community that's another thing I'd like to change.
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Welcome peaceful mama. let us know how we can support you, and of course, we're always here to listen.

smei, I know! it amused me to no end. I mean, I'm sure I don't know what every amish woman in the country dresses like, but I'm quite sure that every one I've ever met or seen pictures of wasn't dresed like that!

I'm sure that if I wasn't feeling well the stares would have bothered me, but luckily I was in a good mood and it was merely amusing.
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Do you ever wish you didn't cover your hair, so you could do something interesting with it? I have lovely long hair, and I'm really missing french braids, french twists, and other updos at the moment. I feel so bored with my current options: down and covered half with a scarf, in a braid and half covered with a scarf, in a bun and partially or totally covered by a scarf, or up in a braided coronet but no one sees because its covered by a scarf (the coronet helps hold the dutch coronet scarf style to my head).

My cousin asked me to french braid her hair, and it looked so beautiful. I'm so bored, even with lots of scarves, I really wish I could have a hair-do and be covered. I don't think that's possible. Is it? I guess I'm wishing I didn't cover so I could wear pretty hair-dos. Maybe I'll do my hair in a "do", put a scarf on, and then have a do when I come home to dp.
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are any of you mamas athletes? do you make exceptions or find alternative ways to cover when you are training?
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Originally Posted by kangamitroo View Post
are any of you mamas athletes? do you make exceptions or find alternative ways to cover when you are training?
What activities do you have in mind? I'm not really a team sports person, but I have at times in my life taken distance hiking very seriously, and while not competitive about any of them have been involved in biking, swimming, trail riding, etc. I'd like to take up running, but right now I feel as though I'd be lucky to be able to run to my mailbox without getting winded.

There are certainly activities that would make it a challenge overall (competition swimming, gymnastics), but on a whole I think most activities at most levels of participation can be adapted to most definitions of modest dress. If that makes any sense.
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