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we don't use the bucket anymore, so there's no choice in getting her out of the seat if we're running in someplace. but she always goes back to sleep once she's comfy in the carrier.

restaurants... i always babywear, usually a ring sling so i can nurse discreetly and hands-free at the table. when baby was too little to sit up in my lap, she stayed in the sling. now that she's able to sit up better, she sits on my lap (or soon will be able to sit at the high chair).
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We've started being more comfortable with the sling and started wearing her more often. Now that it's easy to get her in and out (because she doesn't freak out about it anymore, thank goodness) I wear her most of the day. I prefer to wear her in the pouch sling because I can breastfeed in that and it's a good quick toss on to go into stores and things when we're driving. For longer walking trips, I like the wrap. Now that it's getting colder, I'm probably going to be wrapping more since I can wear one of dh's coats over both of us and also carry the backpack more easily.

(I wish I could figure out a wrap that'd let me breastfeed without taking her out and would let her look around. Hmm, maybe I should post a thread?)
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new to the constant baby wearing, my DD was a stroller facing out kinda girlie, but my 5 month old little man spends all day in the sling.
I only use my stroller now if I am going to be in the mall or someplace for a long time where I want to carry the entire diaper bag and might have other bags to carry. regardless of if I have it he ends up in the sling anyways. I put it on in the morning like any other piece of clothing.

sleeping baby for 5 minute trip, I would just carry the carrier even though it weighs a ton just because getting the stroller out is a big hassle too.
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I stopped using an infant bucket type seat when my kids were little because it was too big for me to maneuver. So I used a sling/MT all.the.time after my kids hit about 15 pounds.

Before that - I would leave them in the carseat if they were asleep if it was quick, sling them if it was going to be longer.
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