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ultrasound terminology!! "echogenic focus.."

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I had my 20 week ultrasound and everything came up normal except for " an ecogenic focus within the left ventricle.." My doctor said not to worry.. but I'm still worrying!!

I googled it and it says it's usually normal but can mean a higher risk of having down syndrome. I have to go back at 25 weeks to get it checked again.

Did anyone have this? I'm worried.
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Yes one of my kids had it, I forget which one, neither of them had Down's. (my loss was NOT due to anything wrong with the health of that baby) Basically its a white spot on the heart in the ultrasound, its what is called a "soft marker" for Downs. If you have several soft markers than you might be more concerned and want an amnio. One soft marker on its own means next to nothing. They might want to look at it again when the heart is bigger just to make sure that it is nothing more than a spot, sometimes at 20 weeks its still hard to visualize all the valves and such. If you would not make changes based on the results though than you can also decide not to look further.
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Thanks for replying.

I swore my doctor said it was in the brain?? I thought he said it was fluid in one of the brain vesicles..
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It can be in the brain but most often it is seen in the heart. Most babies with echogenic focii are perfectly normal and the spot disappears over time. When there are no other indications or risk factors for Down's, telling you that the spot means the baby might have Down's is like saying you might have toxemia because your ankles are swollen.
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I called my doctor and he told me it was the brain. He reminded me again that it is nothing to worry about.
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Yes. I saw another post here a while back that covered this fairly well too, see if a search will yield it. But the short answer is yes, I was told DS had that, also in the left ventricle, which is apparently the most common place to see it. Had a level 2 several days later and they never could find it again. DS's heart is normal.
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ah you threw me off with "Left ventrical" but yes they can show up in the brain or also the bowel and on their own it usually isnt anything to worry about. They have to tell you because if for example you have really strong reasons to be concerned about Down's or a heart problem (say a family history) you might want a closer look or an amnio while its not too late to do one.
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thanks guys, I am just trying not to worry and just hoping that my baby is healthy!!

It's hard being a mom.. I'm so nervous and worried about my little guy!
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A friend of mine once was told, after the ultrasound, that her baby had an echogenic focus in the bladder. Well, all turned out to be fine and she pretty much learned that it just meant there was a "spot" on the u/s which, more often than not, results from some strangeness in the scan rather than a physical abnormality.
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