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My baby is huge!!

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I feel the need to brag!
Last Wednesday Matteo weighed 8lbs 15oz (he was born at 9lbs 5oz).
Today he weighs 9lbs 12oz!! That's almost a POUND in five days!!!

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Way to go Matteo! Way to go Momma!!
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WOW. Way to go! Sounds like nursing is going well...and if you're doubly lucky, he's sucking the pounds off of you, too!

I think it took DD two months to gain a pound after she was born. And a lot longer to get up to 9 pounds!

My sister was 9lb 11oz when she was born. HUGE. Her collar bone broke when coming out, but she was fine pretty quickly. I think that's one of the reasons they watch baby size and due date nowadays.
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Wonderful. GO Mama-Milk!
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WOW!! Way to go! Gotta love that mama's milk!
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Holy Moly Matteo!!! Gotta love the "best-milk"!!
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Wow!! Go Matteo! It took DD almost a month just to get back to her birth weight, after that though she really took off.
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Mama's Milk does Matteo's Body Good!
(Pass it on!)
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Yay mama milk!
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