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LMP due date vs. ultrasound due date

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I didn't care before, but now that I'm huge, it matters.

My LMP was Feb 2nd, but my due date, according to the ultrasound, is Nov 19th instead of Nov 8th, as it would have been in the age before ultrasounds.

Anyone else in this boat?
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Yeppers! My LMP gave me an due date of Nov 21. Second ultrasound gave me 12/5, and all subsequent ultrasounds said Nov 29th.

However, I KNOW that I only could have conceived around 3/8, because, uh, well, it was the only time. So the Nov 29th date has to be correct, even though this baby is SO BIG.
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I have three due dates I could go by.
LMP due date would be Nov.6
Based on when baby was conceived Nov. 8
Based on 8 week ultrasound Nov. 12

I've been going by Nov. 8th... but midwife is going by the 12th. Just those few days difference feels so much longer!
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Yup. I only had 2 periods before getting pregnant, but I *should* be like 11 days further along. I know that we conceived that baby on Valentine's Day though and the ultrasound gave me the same new due date.

Every so often though, I wonder if having an odd cycle will mean that I might deliver a little early?????
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My due date by LMP was Nov 21. My due date by u/s is Dec 3. I'm really curious to see how it all pans out.
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Funny, just today I decided to do the math again in hopes that the baby will possibly come earlier than EDD. It's just a matter of a couple days, but it makes a difference to me at least.
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My edd by LMP was Nov 11, by u/s was Nov 12 (and what my old My OB was using), and by when I ovulated is Nov 16. My midwife and I go by Nov 16.
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My EDD by LMP is Nov 7th, by early U/S it's Nov 15th... I have paid close attention to when I felt her move, when I got morning sickness, all those fun signs, so it seems like she will be coming closer to Nov 7th... We will see!
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When was the ultrasound done? If it was very early (like 6-8 weeks), it is pretty accurate. But the farther out it's done the less accurate it is. Do you know your conception date? How long are your cycles? If your cycles are longer than the 28 day average, then your due date is possibly the later one. My due date based on my calculations is Nov 1. By 6 week ultrasound it was Oct 30.
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LMP due date is October 27. Ultrasound due date is November 3. I've been telling people the ultrasound due date but secretly hoping for the LMP due date, especially since that's DH's birthday. *crosses fingers*
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With my son my LMP due date would have been May 13th, but u/s due date was May 5th. My Dr went by that but I always went by the 13th, it seemed more accurate to me. Either way, he was born April 17th.
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My cycles was pretty whacked out since I had only been off the nuvaring for a month before getting pregnant. (We hadn't actually planned on getting pregnant until May or June.)

So, I don't mind the U/S due-date. Not too much. It's based on my 9 wk check-up, if I remember correctly.

I was just wondering if there are other people out there with the same kind of situation. You know, to share the craziness that is the end of pregnancy.
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