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the birth of beau

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so friday night, DH insisted on timing contractions. i insisted they weren't real b/c they weren't very uncomfortable. more like BH. anyway, they were consistently 12 minutes apart. i ignored that and we went to bed after watching movies. i think they continued all night. i woke up to pee and got back into bed at 10 to 9 a.m. (8:50 a.m.) i started timing b/c i felt a bit uncomfortable after peeing. i was surprised to see they were 4 minutes apart.

DH rolled over and asked me how i was and i told him he could time if he liked but that NO woman has relatively painless labour. he really wanted me to call the hospital but i didn't feel like it (i did find myself wondering if something was going on b/c i snapped at him.) i did get up and take a shower and DH sat in there with me and timed still. 4 minutes apart for a full hour. THEN they started getting more and more uncomfortable and i decided maybe we had better go get checked out.

we got everything together and off we went. my labour went from nothing to something in no time. we had to drop off some movies so DH did that really quickly (he had to avoid a charity drive on main street to do it LOL.) on the way to the hospital (which is 45 minutes away but DH made in half an hour; it was like ppl moved to let us by and we had all green lights!), my contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes. and were seriously NOT fun. in my back and lower abdomen.

got to the hospital and some really bitchy nurse checked me (she was acting like i was openly defying her b/c i couldn't do what she was asking me!! luckily, she switched out with another nurse. i think bitch was a triage nurse and the other was a labour nurse) and i was 8-9 cm dilated!! who knew?! it was about 11 a.m., i believe. maybe earlier.

they didn't even get a bracelet on me so i was identityless until sunday. they DID manage to get me a delivery room (they thought i was going to have him in triage) and away we went. the contractions felt MUCH better when i pushed but i had a leg cramp and it was driving me crazy. i didn't get a delivery bed, so i was in a triage room bed (they couldn't have gotten me to move if they tried.) i had to grab the back of my legs to push. the delivery beds have bars you can grab. when they broke my water (it was bulging apparently but i didn't see or feel obviously), there was meconium in it so they said there'd be a team in to check him out when he came. my delivery doc turned him at one point. he was facing sunny side up. ouch.

pushing him out was so traumatizing. *ouch* i was totally internalizing everything, speaking to no one, barely hearing anything during the whole thing but at the very end, when he was coming out, i was hollering "help! please! ow ow ow!" and DH says i even said "get him out!!" LOL. he was born at 12:51. such a relief when he was finally out, let me tell you. ugh. they swept him off to the other side of the room and checked him out while i delivered the placenta.

no tears to write home about (a tiny one that a doc said might make it sting when i peed--it didn't), no problems with either of us. the doc made a point of telling me how impressed he was with me for delivering a 9 pounder with no drugs. haha he must not see that much. i think i said that i didn't really have a choice! (it was too fast. my nurse asked me if i had considered it and i said "i don't know." LOL. i was a little distracted. she just went about her business, not really concerned one way or another about it.)

and i didn't swear once.

SO much different than my first experience (18 hours, forceps, tear), though i found it traumatizing when he came out. *ouch* i told DH to remind me of it if i ever think i want another, b/c it was seriously not something i want to repeat.

i am very happy to say this baby is breastfeeding. i really wanted to be able to get it right this time and have! i was hoping for natural birth as well. well, i got it alright!! nearly on the highway!

beau was born september 27 2008 at 9 pounds 3 ounces and 21 inches long
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Sounds kinda similar to my labor (cept I skipped early labor and started off in active labor for some reason!) You did well! I know everyone is going to tell you that and you're just going to shake your head at them and point out everything you think you DIDN'T do well. lol. That's how I was at least. Hah, the doc was surprised at a natural birth? Doesn't he know that a century ago they were ALL natural drug-less births? lol.
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actually, i think i did extremely well! it was fast and furious and i just breathed through and did what i had to to get through, only freaking at the end when he came out. i'm actually really glad the hospital cancelled my induction (that, to my OB, who was not the delivering doc, means breaking my water, not a bunch of meds--my "induction" was penciled in for friday but they got overbooked) b/c i went on my own and got 'er done!
i was surprised, thinking about what his congrats implies (that MANY women must get meds), but at least the doc was impressed. they're not pushy about anything at the birthing center (nice to have--i have no idea where the ER is) of my hospital (except that OUT of PLACE nurse) and there are BFing posters everywhere in the OB's waiting room and in the actual maternity ward rooms and not a single formula poster. they're pretty amazing there. my OB even asked if i wanted her to before checking my cervix (i was 40 weeks), something she'd never even done in the past, not with my first or second. reading some of the stories i read here, i'm very thankful for that place!
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