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I'm getting stretch marks above my belly button

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I shouldn't complain because I haven't (hadn't) got any stretch marks this pregnancy and only got a few and none on my stomach last time, but I really don't want stretch marks on my stomach Plus that seems like a really odd place to get stretch marks, directly above my belly button. Baby's not particuarly high so I'm not sure why they're appearing there. Apparently all the people who have commented in the last couple of weeks that my stomach is getting so much bigger are right. I don't think it's particularly big, I've only gained about 20 lbs (at 34 weeks) and I'm slender to begin with. Why do people say that sort of thing to pregnant women, anyway? It's like telling someone, "Boy you've gotten fat lately." : OK, I'm done whining.
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I am getting a few very sm strech marks just above my belly button also. They aren't too wide or too dark so I am hoping they won't show too much when my belly goes down. I have never had stretch marks before so I thought it was kind of odd.
Peoples comments are just so rude sometimes. I get the wow you have gotten huge and you are so small are you sure everything is ok, all in the same day Why can't people just mind their own business.
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I got stretch marks above my belly button when I was pregnant with my first. I also thought it was strange. They have faded quite a bit and aren't really noticeable anymore.
I hear you about the rude comments. I don't get them too much because I've had a lot of trouble gaining weight this time because of reflux. I just get rude comments about having a baby girl, who is our third. I was at Chuck E Cheese the other day and overhead the people next to me talking. The guy hadn't seen the girl in a while I guess (she was about 6 or 7 months pregnant) and he say wow, you're getting big and she responded, yeah so are you. I'm pregnant, what's your excuse. He laughed. They seemed like family, maybe siblings or something. I thought it was great. Sorry people are rude to you.
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I'm getting them above the belly button, too. All my old ones are on the lower half of my belly, and I still have loose skin there, but instead of using that, my body decides to stretch the skin higher up! Grrr.
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I started getting them there early in this pregnancy. My belly is expanding directly out and forward this time, so I think that might have something to do with it. At least they're not very dark, so I hope they'll fade quickly.

When I started putting shea butter on my belly every day, the stretch marks stopped growing for a while, but now they're starting to grow again. This happened last time, too - I didn't really get any until the very end. I guess even shea-saturated skin can't cope with that last 3rd trimester growth spurt!
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Superflippy> I HEART your leather chaise/chair thingy! Where did you get it?!?!

Sorry! Off topic for a very very brief moment.
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I look like I was attacked by a tiger or something, my breasts and thighs and hips are covered in bright red stretch marks....however, not a single one on my belly. I don't mind too much, but I'll be happy if they do stay away from my belly.
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I got "horns" on my belly button last time -- two inch long stretch marks coming out of the top sides of my belly button. Luckily they didn't show much at all once I had my boy ...hopefully yours won't either.
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I got bad stretch marks with my first so I haven't noticed anything the other two pregnancies have done to my belly. I think that I have one giant, continuous stretch mark from just above my belly button to my upper thigh.
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My second pregnancy gave me most of mine above the belly button. I *wish* I could say they didn't really show up afterwards, but I can still see them. They're kind of reddish still and very wide. And, she's 5 now. You'd have thought they would have faded to white in 5 years, right? Grrr....

Hopefully I have done all my stretching out there...no new ones with #3, so hopefully no new ones with #4!
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