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More discharge in last weeks?

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The past day or two I've noticed more discharge, but it's more watery with a small amount of white mucus in the middle, so there is a small amount of white discharge with a ring of water around it, does that make sense? I'm pretty sure it's not urine, but who knows at this point (although I've sniffed my underwear more than any grown woman should!). Of course then I hear scary stories from friends that they just had or knew somebody that just had a slow trickle and didn't realize it was amniotic fluid and their levels got low. I have an appt. with my midwife on Thursday so I'll ask her then, but any mommas or other knowledgeable ladies have any insight for me? I have a feeling this might be normal, but I've never been pregnant before so I'm starting to second guess EVERYTHING!
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I've been having this, too. I had a brief suspicion it could be amniotic fluid, but dismissed it. I had a slow leak with dd and the amount of fluid (despite supposedly being "slow") was a lot more. Very noticeable and way beyond normal discharge. My midwife is going to give me some strips that I can use to test any fluid I feel is not just discharge. Can you get some of those?
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I'm definitely going to ask her about the strips b/c I have a feeling this will be happening a lot in the last couple of weeks. I don't want to go to L&D everytime I've peed my pants or just got a little leaky!
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I definitely have this too. A lot more discharge -- mostly watery. Sorry tmi!

The best thing you can do is to keep hydrated... even if you did have a small, slow leak it isn't that big of a deal and often they close back up. But drink a lot of water -- like 2 qts or more a day, and take vit. c. Good precautions, yk?
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Same here - especially in the past few days, I've been having a lot more discharge, and it's more watery. It doesn't seem like amniotic fluid to me though - I think it's just another sign that we're getting close!!
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Yep, I"m 38 weeks here, and having the same thing! I actually changed undies today just to see if it was a trickle....but nope....so far its not as least!
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Thanks, it's somewhat reassuring to hear that other people are experiencing the same thing!
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Same here. Wet goop. C'mon, baby!

I will say, from having labored 24 hours with a broken bag of water, that it was pretty easy to differentiate from the discharge or urine. Had a very sweet, oceany smell and was much more "wet", not at all gooey or corporeal. And the amount that leaked was in proportion to my position and movements, whereas the discharge just kinda occurs no matter what you're doing.
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I've been having the same for a few days now. The dr seemed to think my fluids were fine, and then the strips came back that not amniotic fluid. It has that "smell" though that is similar to after you give birth, I don't care for it!!
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I was having a lot of that last week...it was so much that it (TMI) kept getting everything "matted" down there. This week I'm mostly dry with the exception of sticky blob-like pieces of my mucous plug.
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