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projects to make the time fly by?

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any ideas mamas? i am already sick of being pregnant and feel so bored of it. we have most of the newborn neccessities and the cloth diapers and all that so i dont need to shop. what are some pre-birth boredom chrushers you are doing while in wait for your sweet babes? i do have a chnaging table i got at ikea i could put together but i hate assembling things.
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I am making photo books with our digital pictures. Trying to get up through this summer done before the baby comes. It is really fun and really relaxing for me. Unfortunately, I don't get alot of time with a 2 year old running around :-)

Oh, another thing is to chose what type of birth announcement you want and address the envelopes, so they are ready to go after the baby is born.
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Cleaning seems to be my main focus lately. There's always enough of that to do -- especially the places that don't normally get cleaned.

Other than that I haven't done a whole lot -- but I've changed my focus to making sure I walk every day, drink enough water, eat really healthy. I guess I've kind of made making dinner a "project" every day! I've made some good stuff.

Another good one is making soups/food and freezing it for after the birth.
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De-fleaing your house is a fun way to make the time fly by. By the time I'm finished with all the laundry and cleaning, the baby will be flying out of me!

OK for real, one project I hope to have time to get to is organizing my recipes. We have a big folder of recipes we got from people or printed out from the internet- I want to make clean copies of everything and put them into a categorized binder, so it's like my own personalized cookbook. That's a good project, and will be helpful after bebe arrives.
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Oh my gosh, I say savor your pregnancy as much as you can right now! I'm the same way at the end, and I made it a point to do fun things around this time. I say get a friend do a belly cast for you. Then have a different day that you decorate it. And maybe have your girlfriends do henna on your belly a different day.
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I've been working on lots of little sewing projects. Things for my new baby, things for Christmas, things for upcoming baby shower gifts I need. It's a good way to pass the time.

I need to get a little more focused on cleaning, so I'm slowly trying to chip away at that.
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I'm bored, too. I had to be ready at 36 weeks this time and have since spent nearly two weeks with not much to do. I hate cooking so that isn't a big thing, though I have done a few batches of cookies and some soup. I have been working on designing the birth announcements, but seeing as I'm not positive it's a girl, I can't put them together... but meanwhile I can cut out the tiny flowers I will use

I need to clean again, though, I just don't want to.

I also have a 2.5 year old who is not keen on giving me much space, but now I'm bored and irritated rather than just bored.
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DD needs new dresses that fit her chest and her height so Im trying to mess around with the patterns I have to make her a couple of good fitting dresses. She also needs diapers so Im seeing what I can figure out how to make fitteds out of some of the prefolds I have (DH won't use prefolds)..
I have TONS of cleaning and cooking I need to get done and we haven't finished getting everything organized. We still need to put together the crib and finish decorating DD's room..
Im sure there is more to do as well, just can't think of it right now.
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