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Guess who turned breech.....

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Today was my ultrasound to size this baby as my last was over 11 lbs, and the baby measured right on target for due date, and weighed in at 6lbs 12 oz with a margin of plus/minus 13 oz, totally a good size for 36 weeks 3 days, and so I felt a huge relief that this baby was not to big for me to deliver and I would get a successful VBAC afterall, then low and behold it is not breech. I thought it felt funny today, my pelvic pressure was so much less, well duh, theres no head there anymore. So anyone have tips to get this baby back in position now?
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Sorry to hear that your LO is breech I don't have any suggestions for you. A friend of mine had a successful external version at 37 weeks, if you're not opposed to that.
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You could try pelvic tilts, Chiropractic Webster Technique. Also I would look at Spinningbabies.org or com the have some suggestions. Sorry this happened good luck. Some providers will do breech as long as it is butt first not feet first.
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No clue or advice, but wanted to sending out *turning baby* vibes! I'm just amazed by the 11 lb. baby right now!
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There's still time--more spinning vibes to you :
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Yeah, spinningbabies.com, mama. Glad you're not going to have a really big baby but hoping s/he turns again!
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find a chiropractor or just someone who has an inversion table and then go use it everyday! It will help the baby drop out of your pelvis so it can have room to turn head down. I know lots of moms have a chiropractor use the Webster technique on them, too. http://www.storknet.com/cubbies/childbirth/exsj3.htm

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FIND AN ACUPUNCTURIST who will do moxibustion on you. Works the majority of the time (like over 80% of the time).

Webster Technique was already mentioned. Also very good. If you are at the chiropractor, or if you/they know a myofascial release specialist, myofascial work on your belly will release any fascia that may be holding the uterus in some funky position that is keeping baby from putting its head down (or in any other non-optimal position). Plus, if you go the western-medicine route of trying an external version, it will be easier for them because your fascia will be loose and baby will move easier. My chiropractor does myofascial release on my belly and it feels SO lovely.

Shine a flashlight against the bottom of your belly. Play music at the bottom of your belly. Have someone TALK at the bottom of your belly.

Do headstands in a pool (easiest if you have someone with you to hold your ankles), making sure that you are under water at least to your thighs. Hold them for as long as you can hold your breath.

You can make your own inversion table by propping a (strong) ironing board up on a couch. Again, helpful to have someone there to assist you with getting on and off of it and make sure you don't get dizzy.

You can also do inversions by getting on your hands and knees and then folding your arms underneath you and resting your head on your arms.

BEST OF LUCK, mama, and remember, a breech baby can still be born vaginally!!
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Well thank you all for the gerat tips. I have been doing inversion, to give this baby a chance at moving. Also cold things on the top of teh uterus and warm things and light at the bottom. It has lots of room as teh midwife was able to gently coax it to transverse today, but it turned back when she was done. So I saw a chiro for Webster and will see her again Fri or Sat, if the baby has not turned. But the midwife also is having me try an external version on Fri am at 8:15, to see if it will work. I am hoping so. Otherwise the OB that does teh version is willing to deliver a VBAC breech, so I will none the less try that if nothing works in the next few weeks. So anyone have any experience with external versions?
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My OB did an external version on me when I was around 34 weeks. I won't lie, it was very painful. Basically, he would dig the bottom of his hand into my belly and push really hard to move the head or butt around. He was able to move the baby a little but she kept flipping back to breech. But, the baby turned head down on her own later. Just be prepared that it is going to hurt, but that it will be better in the long run than trying to deliver breech. I would try the things everyone has suggested because there are a lot of good tips here that you can do at home with great success. Good luck, you still have time!
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I am in the same boat. Wishing you good turn around vibes as well!
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