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TC childcare recommendations

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Hi, everyone-

Please help! I'm just getting started looking for childcare in the Twin Cities. It seems so daunting at this point, so I'd love to hear any recommendations or tips you may have. We live in St. Louis Park, and we work in the Hopkins/Minnetonka area. We're open to just about anything--centers, home-based care, etc. We're 21 weeks pregnant right now, so hopefully we have time to find the right fit. Like most people on MDC, we're looking for a careprovider with AP style.

Thanks in advance!
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Our first daycare provider was in Hopkins, but it turned out that she used CIO and ds just didn't like her. Everything else about the program was great, though.

I've heard great things about the ECC at Westwood Lutheran Church, which is in St. Louis Park.
My cousins who are now teens went there, and my aunt still raves about it.

You can do a search on http://www.mnchildcare.org/ or contact a local referral agency (which I think is http://www.resourcesforchildcare.org/ in the Twin Cities), and they'll do a basic free search for you. With the agency search you get more information like a blurb from each provider stating their philosphy, approach to child care, what makes their program unique, etc.
IMO it's not at all too early to start looking. Good luck!

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Well hello there, IcedTea! I think I know you.

I'm keeping my eyes and ears peeled.
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I've said this before here, and I am definately AP.

I : Primrose Schools.
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Given the current economy- it is a really great time to find an in-home care provider. I have had my kids at a center and then a long term run with a stay at home mom and now another mom. I love in-home! Try Craigs list, try the resource list. And then just plan on visiting and asking lots of questions. There are wonderful woman out there that want to do childcare, who love being with kids. It is so nice to find a caregiver that your kids can be nurtured by. Good luck but also relax, it isn't as daunting as you think.

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