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Flu shot?

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I met the OB that works with my midwife today. She mentioned that at my next appointment I should get a flu shot. Would you? I've never had one before and I've heard they have mercury based preservatives...
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I wouldn't. I don't vax my babies and won't be vaxxing myself. There is a risk that you could also get the flu from the flu shot, so I would consider that as well as the nasty preservatives.
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You can't get influenza from a flu *shot*, it's dead (unless you are thinking of the nasal-spray vaccine, which because it's a live weakened virus, is contraindicated for anyone in a risk group because there is some chance of getting flu from it. This would include pregnant people natch.) You can totally feel like carp for a couple of days afterwards though (my DH always does for some reason, but the most I ever have is a slightly sore arm) or of course you can catch some other evil virus from people in a waiting room or queued up in a grocery store or wherever.

There are single-dose thimerosal-free flu shots available now, but you have to ask for them and check that that's what you are getting. Multi-dose vials all have a preservative (thimerosal, that is the thing with mercury in it) and some brands of single-dose ones do too, or are "preservative-free" which means that it started out with thimerosal but got diluted so much that they are somehow allowed to round down to zero

Anyhow, I got mine at Walgreens walk-in "take care health clinic" where they're apparently giving only thimerosal-free ones to anyone who admits to being pregnant or presumably also anyone who asks (the downside to being obviously pregnant is that they made me call my OB's office to fax a "permission slip" to them. My OB's office thought this was ridiculous ("hi, just fax it, I'm using precious cell phone minutes here convincing you that they really are being this safe-from-lawsuits." *snort*)) She showed me the package without me asking or anything (this is probably another safe-from-lawsuits policy.) Overall it was probably the most pleasant flu shot experience I've had. thumbs up. (I get one every year... asthma.)

Beyond that, everyone's gotta make up their own mind. If any of the other ingredients bug you or if you're not into vaccines in general there is always the "wash your hands a lot, stay away from sick people" option.
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I personally would not get one. I think the flu shots are one of the nastier vax's as many people seem to have negative reactions of one kind or another to them. Especially being pg. Yikes. There are too many questions about the safety of vaccines in this country for me to feel safe getting one while pg.

Now, if you actually try and engage your OB or any of the nurses who work for your OB in a conversation about vaccine safety they will probably bite your head off and make you feel like crap for even bringing it up. So, beware!!!!! LOL!
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Never have and never will. My children don't get them either.
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Nope...never. Far better to build up your immune system than to tear it down with poisons that may or may not even be related to the particular flu strain this year.
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I got mine last week. I didn't get one last year and ended up in the ER. I had to take steroids and breathing treatments for several months. I have asthma, so for me, the potential benefits definately outweigh the risks.

My husband and dad did get the flu shot last year, and they didn't get the flu. The rest of the family didn't get the flu shot and did get the flu. I don't think it is really necessary for everyone. My mom, sister, and daughter aren't high risk and just felt sick for a few days. I will get it for my daughter this year though. She goes to preschool and I don't want her to get the baby sick. Flu can be very dangerous for newborns or other high-risk people.
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I haven't got it in the past 3 years, nor have my kids. The year we did not get it, my hubby and FIL got it and they got the flu bad but we were perfectly fine. Last year we did get the flu the bad one that went around but that wasn't included in the shot so the shot would have been a waste any way. For us I just don't want to expose my kids to the stuff they put in the vaccine. Also I think I read the flu vaccine that doesn't not contain thermisol, it(thermisol) was replaced by a just as dangerous ingredient. So for me no way, yes they get sick but they also don't get sick too sometimes.
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The OB that I see recommends them, but doesn't go any further than that. I am declining the flu shot, but hospitals in your area (if you are planning on going to the hospital) may not allow visitors if they haven't had one (at least they do around here).
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A big 'no' here. I even work in a hospital where all the workers get free flu shots and I won't be getting one.

Eat well, take your vitamins and stay hydrated- that's your best defense.
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have always hated em, never got one.
have been felled for three days now with the worst flu, fever, lungs coming out, coughs so violent that im afraid for my cerclage (cervical stitch) and no one else in my world that got the vaccine has it.
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I always get one. I know it's a controversial and very personal choice.
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Got one when pg with DD and will not be getting one again.
There are some really good threads in the vax forums about this too
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I didn't get one. I work in a nursing home so pretty much everyone else got one. Around the same time a nasty cold was going around. I just kept drinking my OJ, washing my hands and taking my colloidal silver. I was practically the only one that didn't come down with something.
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If it is the mercury (thimerosal) that you are most concerned about, there are now a couple brands available without it. You may have to hunt it down, however. Pediatricians' offices and midwifery practices are likely places to find it.

I really urge those on the fence to do research. People here can offer an opinion, but it is not always very constructive.
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I would not get one, I will not get one, nor will my children or partner.

Dr. Mercola has an interesting video on the subject here.
The best way to avoid the flu (along w/ a healthy diet, exercise, etc) is with vitamin D. Vit D through sun exposure is the best way to avoid the flu...next best thing ultra violet radiation in safe tanning beds, according to him...or enough oral vit D. The dose is 2000 units a day for children , 5-10,000 units for adults.

I don't understand why one would vax for an illness like this, personally. Those who die from the flu are few and far between b/c (like Mercola mentions in the video) the majority are not dying from the flu but rather pneumonia (which the flu shot does NOT protect against). On top of the horrible toxins in flu shots that are not suitable for normal adults (much less children) and the fact that the flu changes and there are many strains...and each year it is announced that the new evil strain was NOT in the flu vax this year and you won't be protected anyway, is reason enough to save your money and body and avoid one (and avoid funding money to vax companies as well)

Plenty of reasons to avoid a flu shot...what are the reasons to get one? Where is the evidence that it works and is necessary? I would really like to see some (seriously..i'm not being snarky), if you can find some, b/c according to Mercola there is none.
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When I had my first baby in the hospital and they recommended me the shot I declined it. I've never had it and have never gotten my kids it either.
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Nope! No flu shot around here. Not me, DH nor DS.
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There are 2 name brands that are mercury free since they are preservative free. But there are more nasty ingrediants in the vax than that. There are some great threads over on the vax forum with tons of information.
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