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"crunchiest" Island...

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Interested in what those of you that have knowlage of the islands have to say about this...
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Crunchy Expensive = Maui
Crunchy Country = Big Island/Hawaii
Crunchy Variety/Larger Community = Oahu
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i think that every island has it's crunchy sections and each section has a crunchy part of the community.

i live on the big island right now and south kona and puna would be your crunchier parts of the island - honoka'a is on the crunchy rise :-)) as well.

and the previous poster gives a good blanket assessment of those three islands...
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Does Kauai fit in there at all? We've been looking at all the islands, considering a move and Kauai keeps drawing me in... though I would be worried about my tots growing into teens in a smaller town like Kauai (something that didn't go so well during my own childhood).
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Don't know much about community on Kauai....sorry!
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