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Anyone birth in St. Vincents Birmingham Hospital? Alabama?

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I am trying to find mamas who have birthed in Alabama, particularly at St. Vincents. I am 24 weeks pregnant and planning birth with an OB there, and I am nervous about it. This is my 2nd child, but first natural birth and I don't know what to expect from St. Vincents. I have a lot of "requests" for my birth plan and I feel pretty stronlgy about them.

Alabama is not a great place for natural birth, apparently. Next time I will have a home birth with a midwife. I can't this time because I don't have the money to pay one (although I will be having a doula... anyone ever had Valerie Moore assist their birth?)

The Alabama tribe is so quiet!
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I birthed at East Alabama. They were ok. Nothing to complaign about. I did not use val, but interviewed her and decided to go with somebody else.

Why is Alabama not that great for natural birth? Mine went quite well and I had no problems. It was not at home, though.
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Hi rcr! I guess I am just disappointed that there isn't a birthing center and that hospitals don't have birthing tubs.

I haven't met Valerie yet. She has emailed me her contract and I signed up for her birth class in Nov, which is when I will meet her I guess. She isn't very good about responding to email or phone calls (I only called once), which makes me nervous.

I hope you don't mind, but I am going to pm you. I am curious about why you chose to go wtih someone else, and who you went with.
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Originally Posted by cagnew View Post
Hi rcr! I guess I am just disappointed that there isn't a birthing center and that hospitals don't have birthing tubs.
Yea, I guess you have a point... I was told that the hospital had bathtubs to labor in (no birthing tub though)... and I came to find out they were just showers.. ugh. the choice of drs. is pretty slim too, IMO.

Don't let that get you down... There are still options. I'll pm you.
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I used to work there and now am a doula so may be I can help a little. Having a Doula will be a great asset to you! As far as having a nice natural birth, its like any hospital, it all depends on who you get as a nurse. There are both kinds there, good and not so good. If you go in telling them that you want someone who supports natural birth, that is good too. They do try to pair patients up with a good fitting nurse if possible. And try t stay home as long as SAFELY possible.
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I gave birth there and worked there. I did not plan a natural delivery (I am a weenie) but ended up having one due to the fact that DD was face up and my epidural did not work. If you want specifics about the hospital or your doctor you can PM me.
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Open-minded OB/GYNs in Birmingham?

I'm wondering how you birth plan is going and if your doctor is open to working with you? I am newly pg and wondering if anyone could suggest OB/GYNs in the Birmingham, AL area who are more open to unmedicated births, possibly having a doula in the room, etc.?
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Dr. Stone is open minded about natural births and more tolerant of doulas than most doctors. I used him as back up care and was planning a homebirth with a midwife early this year. It turns out that I needed to be induced for pre-eclampsia at 35 weeks so it was a good thing I had Dr. Stone. I had already typed up a birth plan for a hospital delivery because I had pre-e with my first child as well and knew it was a possibility. We didn't get a chance to discuss my birth plan before I was admitted for the induction but Dr. Stone and the labor nurses looked at it the morning of my induction and were OK with everything except me eating/drinking during labor. I did anyway when they weren't in the room. They honored my request to not offer any drugs and they put me in a suite sort of away from the others because they knew I was attempting a pain med free birth and things could get loud. Unfortunately due to my BP being too high when I sat up or walked around, I was pretty much confined to lying down in the bed. I managed to hang in there without an epidural until transition hit and the pitocin/cytotec combo contractions were coming one on top of the other (I swear the stuff is from the devil ). I feel like I had a pretty good experience at St. V's considering the circumstances. The nurses were respectful of my wishes (no offers of pain meds, no vax, bf before eye med and bath, etc). Dr. Stone was respectful of my wishes and questions as well and even said it was an honor to be my doctor and deliver the baby. However, I've heard that Brookwood is now trying to be more naturual birth friendly and they are offering water births now for women with healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies. I would check into that more before deciding. Good luck!!!

ETA: alot of us are on www.alabama-moms.com forums so that's probably why the AL tribe is so quiet these days
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I saw someone mention Dr. Stone I have never used him personally but have heard wonderful things about him and also about Vallerie Moore. I have had births at St. Vincents but not planned a stuck baby and it was unmedicated and they were actually pretty nice and no I didn't have a doc for back up care and that was questioned briefly bya nurse.

I am due around March with number five and one of the ladies that will attend my birth is also a doula and she is a sweet heart her name is Amy Elloit http://birthwithhope.com/referrals.aspx she is the doula that worked with tori on the hospital water birth. You have to find the peson that is a fit for you so I would not see any issue with talking with a few doulas until you find your fit.

Good Luck.
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my mom went there twice. so did both of my aunts (one of them twice, one 3 times). the one who is a germophobic NICU RN thought it was GREAT. the one who is pretty normal thought it was good, my mom (who is semi soggy crunchy) thought it was ok. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, but i don't go to hospitals anymore unless i am bleeding profusely from more than one deadly wound. : I did see Dr. Elizabeth Snowden there several times. She is a nice person, but i won't go back.

here is a very useful link that i picked up sometime in my browsings. it gives you all the stats on every hospital in alabama.

here is the chart for 2003:

here is a link to the index for more recent studies:

looks like these days the rates there are :
if you have had a c section before than they section 13.6%
total c-section rate is a whopping 35.3%
your chances of vbac are only 4.2 percent there.

the best rates in jefferson co go to :
cooper green
med center east

when you go where the money is, the rates go up. places like brookwood and baptist montclair have the worst rates. hmmm. i guess money can't buy you love from a dr either.

I hope this helps you find what it right for you.
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