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Pretty sure it's over :(

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Last week I posted the "brown goop" thread, but went into my midwife and heard a nice strong heartbeat. That was at exactly 10 weeks last Friday. I saw a little more brown over the weekend, but it cleared by Sun afternoon and I have felt so hopeful again. However yesterday afternoon I noticed a little more and the worse sign of all I think, is that I woke up this morning physically feeling great. I have been so sick every day with fatigue and nausea. Not this morning. I have energy and don't even feel like I need to eat. I also now have pink spotting. I feel like it is over for sure. I am going to see my midwife in an hour to search for heart tones again, but don't feel hopeful. I feel so sad. and scared. I have never had a m/c and really don't know what to expect.
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I'm sorry. Try to stay positive!!!!
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Oh no, that is so sad! You don't know it's over yet though...keep us posted.

Your feeling good could be b/c you are near 2nd tri. :

P.S. I reread the post you referred to. Are you still having cramps?
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I do occasionally have cramps, but nothing big. I have endometriosis and pretty much cramps are a daily part of life whether I am pregnant of not, so unless it's bad I tend to ignore it.
I leave to see my midwife in 15 minutes. This is killing me!
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Oh goodness, I hope it ends up as good news. I'll be thinking of you! Keep us posted on what happens.
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Keep us posted. I have days where I wake up feeling great and then totally crash with nausea and fatigue a few hours later. My fingers are crossed for you!
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Thinking of you.
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woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh
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: I am shocked! We heard the heartbeat! I made my midwife check my rate first, because I told her I was really nervous and if we heard anything I wanted to make sure it wasn't me. So she felt my wrist and said "yep, you're heart rate is 110." Then she listened with the doppler and it only took a few seconds to find baby's rate in the 150's. I burst out bawling and she double checked that it wasn't my heart rate. When I described the blood and mucous I had lost she feels sure that I did lose my mucous plug because the bleeding made it fall out. She thinks there is an edge of the placenta that is having a hard time staying attached and she asked me to take a bunch of herbs and vitamins to help strengthen it.

By the way, I guess I feel kind of silly. I was so sure, (and still am nervous), but I really am not trying to be a drama queen or an alarmist. I really thank you guys for your support.
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I am so happy for you!:
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Wooohooo!! I am thrilled! (but not surprised ). It's so nerve-wracking though, especially since our DDC has had, what 18 m/c so far? I think the instances of bleeding on here have more often than not been a m/c.

It ain't over till it's over and you've got a thriving babe in your womb. :
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yay! Im very happy that you had good news! bleeding during pregnancy is so scary! Thats wonderful you got to hear the heartbeat!
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Excellent news!
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Yay! I'm so happy for you!! I was hoping as I read through this thread there would be good news toward the end!! I hope things continue to go well!!
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You are NOT a drama queen. I would feel the same way and you did the right thing! I am so so happy for you I burst out crying at your update post! Keep the positive thinking Mama!!! :
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I am so happy for you. It is so nice to see the positive-ending stories!
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I'm sooo glad to hear it's good new!!! :
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Yay, good news!! :

Tell us about the herbs the midwife recommended! I'm so glad to hear about herbal, natural remedies.
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Thanks so much for all the support, guys!

To help strengthen my placenta my midwife recommended taking in addition to my prenatal vitamin (a whole food vitamin):

400-600 iu of Vitamin E
Bioflavonoids w/vitamin c added
False Unicorn

Also, I had kidney issues (a stone and kinked ureter, the kinked ureter was THE worst pain I have ever gone through) and gall stones with my last pregnancy which was just bizarre cause I have never had a problem with either before. At my first visit with her for this baby she said there was protein in my urine, which shows strained kidneys. To help with that she told me to take:
1 TBSP mineral goat whey powder daily
and rotate between taking dandelion root and nettle throughout the pregnancy.
Also Omega oils

I admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with her recommendations. I am new to the whole herb thing. I am going to take them and see what I think.
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Wow--thats a lot of stuff to choke down! I'm new to herbs too but they do really seem to help. I'm telling you--I've been taking ginger capsules 3x a day and they really do seem to calm my queasy stomach. I hope you have a good health food store near you!

Oh and congrats on your wonderful news! I teared up myself while reading your happy update!
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