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Glad everything is ok. It's pretty normal to have spotting during pregnancy. I had brown spotting for two weeks with my son's pregnancy and never even thought twice about it. All three of my friends also had spotting and one friend even had red blood like a period several times (placenta was slightly detached) but all four of us went on to have healthy babies. I also recommended that my friend take vitamin E to help strenghten her placenta-- it was recommended in my midwifery textbook. I'm having brown spotting again right now at the 8 week mark, but I figure it's because this is the time I would be normally having a period. My friend with the placenta problems also had her spotting/red blood at 8 weeks and then again at exactly 12 weeks-- when her period would have been normally due as well. Gets some rest and try and stay positive.
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I had to take false unicorn root a couple of weeks ago for a threatened miscarriage and apparently it worked! I'm so glad you heard the heartbeat nice and strong. What a scary time for you.
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Originally Posted by Undercover Mama View Post
Thanks so much for all the support, guys!

To help strengthen my placenta my midwife recommended taking in addition to my prenatal vitamin (a whole food vitamin):

400-600 iu of Vitamin E
Bioflavonoids w/vitamin c added
False Unicorn

Also, I had kidney issues (a stone and kinked ureter, the kinked ureter was THE worst pain I have ever gone through) and gall stones with my last pregnancy which was just bizarre cause I have never had a problem with either before. At my first visit with her for this baby she said there was protein in my urine, which shows strained kidneys. To help with that she told me to take:
1 TBSP mineral goat whey powder daily
and rotate between taking dandelion root and nettle throughout the pregnancy.
Also Omega oils

I admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with her recommendations. I am new to the whole herb thing. I am going to take them and see what I think.
How's it going? Were you able to find the herbs you needed?
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I know this is an old thread, but I had brown spotting today. my midwife offered the u/s but I opted out. (I have an appt on Tuesday, so I figured I could just get one then.) Am I nutty? My husband leaves for an international business trip for 2 weeks on Monday, and he said he wanted to be with me if it was bad news. Should I schedule one for tomorrow? I just sort of felt if this is the end, my body will tell me in its own time. But I want to respect his feelings too. I haven't had any cramping, and I guess it's probably easier for me in some ways because it's my body and he's just the on-looker. Any thots?
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clarissa--Personally, having found out from an u/s that I had a loss, I really, really wish my DH had been there with me. For the emotional support at the moment, yes, but even more because then I would not have had to call him at work and explain what had happened. Just my two cents.
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