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my appt.

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i'm 2.5cm dilated and completely effaced and baby is at +1 station. she sent me home, thank goodness and told me to stay in bed until i hit 37 weeks. which is only 18 days away. no signs of pre-e which is awesome since i had it with both my previous pregnancies, and she said i will most likely go early without being induced. i'm really hoping to stay pregnant until 38 weeks. so everyone cross your fingers. i'm just so excited to see this new little bundle of joy. hope everyone is doing well.
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What does the +1 station mean? I was told last week I was +2. What is the "scale"?
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I think the station is the location of the baby's head in relation to your pelvis. I can't remember the scale either, but I think once it is positive numbers, it means the baby is descended further into your pelvis. I could be totally wrong, but I think +4 is fully engaged. I think that +1 or +2 is a good sign that things are progressing!

Hope that you make it to 38 weeks!!:
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Wow, I'm totally jealous. Did you progress that far without any contractions or anything?
38 weeks would be good, though--stay in there baby!
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Wow, that's great news. :-) Especially about no signs of pre-E.

For those of you already engaged, that's cool too. I don't think I "dropped" until the day labor started last time. I was at -3 a few days before, and then it all happened at once. I'm hoping for a nice, gradual, descent.
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Wow, good news! I hope he sticks in there for a little while longer though.
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Great news! I hope the little one stays put for another few weeks!

Mine is at a -3... I wish s/he'd drop lower but it probably won't happen until labor.
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Originally Posted by Barbie64g View Post
What does the +1 station mean? I was told last week I was +2. What is the "scale"?
I believe that 0 station is at the level of the pelvic isthmus, that middle joint of the pelvis - so anything negative is above that (like still floating, head not engaged) and positive is below, head descending (with +4 being crowning). IIRC.

Wish I knew where my lil' gal was! Feels like she's going to fall out every time I stand up too quickly, LOL!
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