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I have two female cats that I unfortunately need to rehome.
Maggie is a black, long-haired part Himalayan (without the scrunchy face) and Dinah is a brown tabby. They get along very well and are good with children of all ages. They are very sweet cats and really need more attention than we can give. Both are spayed and very healthy. I will ensure they are up to date on vaccinations prior to adoption. They are indoor cats, though Maggie has been known to escape and then return shortly thereafter. They are obviously litter trained, and they have NEVER had ANY sort of accident. They don't get sick, either.

I really have to find a new home for these kitties by the weekend. I don't want them to go to a shelter-- I want them to go to a good home where they will have room to run around and where they will be loved. If I have to take them to the SPCA I will, but please, if someone is interested, or knows someone else who is, please PM or email me, or even post on this thread.

Thank you.