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getting cold!

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it's getting pretty cold here in New York. normally I have a strict rule that we don't turn the heat on before November 1, but I think I'll have to revise that for baby this year.

how warm do you plan to keep your homes for your newborns?

and do you still put a hat on your baby at night when it is cool? I had mine wearing a hat for most of his first week whenever it was even slightly cool or breezy, but now that he is bigger, just when we go outside. should he be sleeping with a hat on at night when it is cold out? our house is drafty and the bedroom can get pretty cold. he sleeps more than half the night in bed with me, and the rest in his co-sleeper with his body swaddled up.
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We turned ours on this week. We usually don't turn it on until November either, but with the baby only being 2 weeks, we had to run it on.

No hat at night, only when we go out if it's cold.

I did just go buy her a few more cold weather pieces today. It's usually pretty hot here throught October, but not this year.
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I live in Indiana, and while it's not really too cold yet, I've ran the heat a few times during the day. We have a brick house and it keeps the heat in pretty well. Desi sleeps with me all night so I've been keeping him in just a Onesie all night because if he wears anything more we both end up covered in sweat by his next feeding. He's been keeping plenty warm that way. When we go out I put him in a footed sleeper and cover him with a blanket, he get hot so easily and I've found if I bundle him up much more than that he ends up all sweaty and uncomfortable in the car. Poor kid!
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It's getting cold here. At night it's getting down to the low 40's. Poor baby's hands are getting cold! We keep her all bundled up in her crib at night. If she's in bed with me though, she gets hot and sweaty. I guess my body warmth makes her too warm! Mostly we have her sleeping in her crib though, she's used to it now. We've had the heat set on low. I don't want baby to get too cold.
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Co-sleeping has helped us with the "keeping baby warm" issue, plus she has a few hats and fleecy sleepers. She usually just wears the hats in the house after her bath, but wears them outside of the house too.

I just got her an "outdoor bunting outfit" (it's a Carter's brown fleecy thing that makes her look like a teddy bear) this weekend for her to wear when we go on walks.
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DL never wore a hat to sleep. She only wears them outside. She sleeps in a fleece sleep sack or footed jammies. Her feet get cold otherwise.
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