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Penelope Jane is here!

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She came into this world at approx. 35 weeks on Monday 10/20 @ 7:54 PM weighing 5lbs.13oz and was 19 1/14 inches long:
On Monday, after having very strong irregular ctxs over the weekend, I began bleeding and cramping. I went into L & D and the bleeding stopped and Pen sounded great on the monitors so my MW sent me home, still dilated but no worse for the wear, supposedly...well I started bleeding profusely shortly after I got home and went into the hospital again, this time for an ultrasound. My placenta was over 50 % abrupted and my MW and the obstetric surgeon both said that they thought that the stress of labor would literally blow the placenta off my uterine wall and that would be life threatening. So I underwent an emergency c-section. We got home a couple of hours ago and I am still pretty wiped and pretty sore. Definitely not how I envisioned Pen's birth, but we are beyond thrilled that she is here and beautiful and just amazing! She's breastfeeding like a champ and is the most peaceful little girl. Hope all is well mamas!

Here's a pic:
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congrats! :

edit: How beautiful she is! I'm sorry it's not the birth you envisioned. Good to hear the breastfeeding is going well.
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Congrats! She is SO beautiful!!!!
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If ever there was a necessary cesarean, yours was it.

Congratulations on bringing your lovely little girl home. :
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Mama, congratulations and Penelope Jane! She's gorgeous

I'm sorry that it wasn't the birth you envisioned, but I think BVL said it best
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Yay darkblue!
I love her name and she is beautiful!
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Congrats! I'm glad everything turned out ok. She is so cute!
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Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. I am glad you had a safe delivery.
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OMG! What a cutie! Congrats mama, and it was completely needed CS! So don't beat yourself up over it.
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Not in your DDC but I had to tell you I love her name!!! It is soo cute. So is she by the way! I wish you a speedy recovery Mama and Congratulations!
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Congratulations!!! Penelope was the name we picked out if this was a girl, but it's a Henry instead. I LOVE that name.

Glad that all is well!
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Congrats on a safe delivery and a beautiful baby!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! So glad everything turned out OK despite the placenta emergency! She is GORGEOUS and I love the name!!
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Congrats! Shes beautiful!
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Congratulations! How wonderful that she is here and safe! :
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Welcome to the world, Penelope!!
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Congratulations! What a gorgeous little sweetie! :
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Congratulations!!! Glad you are both healthy...she is gorgeous!
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Congrats!!!!! She's so beautiful!
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