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She's beautiful. Congratulations!
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Congratulations! She is so cute.

I'm so glad everything turned out OK, despite it not being the birth you wanted. It's definitely one of those times when we are lucky that c-section is an option. I hope your recovery is quick.
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Welcome Penelope Jane! I know a Penelope Jane and she's a firecracker, hope your little girl is too!

Sorry things weren't how you envisioned them, but I'm so happy you are both healthy and well!
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:: she's so beautiful!! welcome little penelope!! (LOVE the name!) congrats mama!!
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Wow! Just wow! You are so blessed! Congrats :::
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She is so beautiful. Congrats, Mama! :
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she is absolutely beautiful!!! I am so glad they found the placental abruption before you went into full blown labor! What a blessing!!! Congratulations mamma and happy baby mooning!
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What an angel! Congrats! :
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Well, she definitely made a dramatic entrance into the world! I love her name and she is just adorable, congrats!
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: Congrats on the beautiful baby girl! And congrats on such a vigilant and smart mama! : I hope you heal quickly and enjoy your babymoon!
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Congrats! She's beutiful! And I love the middle name Jane! (I have a Gloria Jane.)
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Thank you so much for all the love mamas! I really appreciate the support and welll wishes! She is an utter blessing...this morning Emily crawled into an armchair and held Penelope so gently and kept giving her kisses and stroking her hair, I just started sobbing at the beauty of it and am still feeling overwhelmingly grateful that everything with Pen's birth turned out just the way they did because she is healthy and perfect and while sore, I am doing awesome too. Our family feels wonderful with the four of us I can't say I am not sad that her birth wasn't more like Em's but I am trying not to beat myself up about it. Again, thanks for the support and I hope all is well!
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omigosh she is so pretty and happy looking! and what a nice size for being a bit premature! wow, she has the cutest name too, congratulations! i hope you have a speedy recovery.
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Congrats!!! :
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Congratulations! She is beautiful! I wish you a speedy recovery and I'm glad to hear that breastfeeding is going so well for you.
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How adorable! Glad you're both safe and sound! Sorry you weren't able to have the birth you wanted.
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WOW!!! She is gorgeous!!
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