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Do (or did) your boy/girl twins share a bedroom?

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We still have time to figure this out as our twins are only 4 months but we've been thinking about where we are going to be putting our babies when they get their own bedroom. We have 3 bedrooms for children and 4 children so someone will need to share.

So, do your b/g twins share a bedroom? Did they? At what age did they stop sharing? Any other thoughts?
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My boy/girl twins shared until they were three. They had their own beds across the room from each other. I was going to let them share longer, but our DD wanted her own space. I figured that out when she would go in hte room and not let him in. She wanted to be alone. They are 8 now and sometimes they will sleep together. I think it was good for them.
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I wanted mine to share a room until they were at least 6, and share a bed through about age two. Then they were born and decided to have a plan of their own! Starting very young, they did not sleep well together. They wake each other and it is not a happy time. Maybe they will sleep together from age 1-6. . . but now when they first see each other after a nap or in the morning, oh dear, it is sweet. Their smiles light up the room - they love each other so much!
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Subbing on this one because I'm curious as well. I've got three bedrooms for 6 children and 3 girls/3 boys. Either someone gets their own and then 3 of the same sex and the other two of the same sex share, or we have mixed sexes sharing.

Or we buy a bigger house.
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My b/g twins are 26 months old and still sharing a room. I also have an 18 month old daughter and plan on eventually putting the two girls in a room and letting our boy have his own. Not sure when that is going to happen though as the 18 month old doesn't even have her own bed because she still sleeps with us
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My b/g twins share a room but they are only 18 months. We will probably keep them there together until 3-4. I shared a room with my twin brother until we were 4 and I remember loving it but also excited to get my own room. It was time.
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We have friends who have a girl, 4, and a boy, 2.5, who share a room. They're thinking that in a year or two, they'll put them in separate rooms. I think it's okay for a boy and girl to share a room while they're young or even when they're older and there is no other space. I have a cousin who has five children, boys and girls, and they all shared one room because that's what they had space for.
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My b/g twins are almost 3.5yrs, sharing a room. We have no plans to split them up until they ask to be split up. Currently they are happy to share. They won't settle down for a nap until they are both there.
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I have Irish twins but yes they share a room. DH took over DD's room and made it into his room. :

My cousins (not twins, 5 years apart) shared a room out of necessity until they were older teens. Then one of them moved to the living room.
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Our b/g twins are 27 months and share a room. I am preg with a singleton so our long-range plan is to have the same sex sibs (we don't know what we're having) eventually share a room. However, the twins are very happy to be together and we're in no rush to separate them. We figure the baby will be in our room for a while then in its own room until maybe 18 months? 2 yrs? I don't think there's anything at all wrong with b/g twins sharing a room as long as they're sleeping!
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Thanks for all the responses. We can't decide between having the twins share the 3rd bedroom or putting the two girls together and the two boys together and keeping the 3rd bedroom as a spare room for guests, study area, quiet room.

Luckily, we have lots of time still to figure it out. Although I'm sure the next year or so will fly by!
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My 10yo ds and 3yo dd share a room. My twin boys have space in their room for one of the older sibs to share with them but the older kids like sharing a room (dont' know why since all the do is fight )

I say let the b/g twins share a room as long as they'd like
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