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What Does Your Baby Do?

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So obviously with our seeing the neurologist on Friday we will get some answers...and I know all babies are different, but I am curious what your babies are doing. Kasey just seems so far behind. She is 14 weeks now and coos a little, smiles, and has moderate head control....I just want to know what her peers are doing.
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Aiden coos quite often, smiles a lot... and has decent control over his head at this point. No control over the arms still though. He's just turned 8 weeks ish.
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kai is about 2 months and just got evaluated as a 4 month level. i guess he's in a hurry to keep up with older brother, duncan. kai is head holding, smiling, doing bilateral movements, eye tracking, etc. you might read: "What's Going on in There..." and Sears' "The Baby Book" I find them great resources.


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