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Poop frequency in 3 week old?

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The first 2 1/2wks my baby was pooping probably 10 times a day, pretty much with every single diaper change there was at least some poop. They were yellow and seedy just like they should be. Then a few days ago he went 3 days with none. At the end of that 3rd day, though, he had like 4 huge poopy diapers in a short time frame. They were still yellow and seedy, and I mean a couple of them were massively huge. That was about 24hrs ago and he hasn't gone again since, even though he's had plenty of wet diapers today. Is it normal for some babies to start spacing out frequency of poops this early? His weight gain is fine; he's well past his birth weight and gained 10oz just in the last week. I was thinking it was closer to the 6wk mark before the frequency slowed down, but I guess this might be normal for him??
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From what you describe, it sounds like he's fine - and that he's just ahead of the curve. If he stops having wet diapers, the consistency of the poops isn't what it should be, or his weight gain slows a lot, then worry - but not until then, in my opinion!

FWIW, my babe didn't poop often at that age, but it was because of slow weight gain. Different situation from yours, it sounds like.
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