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the most necessary baby items

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I am wondering what all you Eco-friendly, money-conscious Moms think are the most absolutely necessary baby items. I don't want to be a mom that buys stuff that we don't really need.

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Those are the two biggies.

diapers (if you plan to use them... visit the elimination communication forum)
a sling or other carrier

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I know lots of moms don't use them, but a stroller was/is very useful for me. I still use my sling, but when I'm trying on clothes or something it's nice to have the stroller.
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I'd have on hand for baby

a car seat
some diapers (I'd do this even if ECing)
some clothes
a blanket for swaddling clean spot ect
a sling

We did find we loved the stroller but I wouldn't necessarly get one right away.

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cloth diapers +pail+soap+wet bag
car seat
receiving blankets
baby nail clippers
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Agree with pp re the boobs!

Sling(s) - you might want to get two or more different types. I really liked a pouch sling for a newborn, which is also useful for quick hip carries with a toddler. Then you might want a two shouldered sling, like a mei tai or a structured carrier (like Ergo) for longer front/back carries - these will also be useful until your child is 3 or so.

Yes, a stroller isn't essential but handy, depending of course, on your baby's personality, and how much walking you do. If you get groceries on foot, etc, it's good to have instead of carrying your baby and lots of packages home.

Carseat - you will probably want one even if you don't have a car, as it's necessary in friend's cars or cabs.

Some basic clothes, sleep sacks and/or swaddling blankets

Cloth diapers and accessories

Nail clippers, although some parents bite their babies' nails!

If you're out for long walks in the winter, get a bunting bag to keep the baby warm. I was paranoid about making my DD too hot, and I think I underdressed her for most of her first winter.

Most if not all of this stuff you can get 2nd hand. . . except for the boobs of course!
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Sling (I like a pouch sling for a newborn and a ring sling, or MT for when they get older)


Bum cream and some moisteriser.

Swaddling wraps (we've got huge muslin ones which are really good!)

Clothes (for our winter babies we had a couple of woollen cardis, a handful of growsuits and bodysuits, plus a couple of pairs of socks and a couple of merino hats.We don't get snow, or really that cold in winter here though.)

I do use our stroller now that DS2 is a little bit older. He's happy in it, and sometimes it's handy to have

Bassinette, because I personally don't feel comfortable sleeping with a newborn and toddler, though if it's just you and your partner in the bed this shouldn't be an issue.

A bag big enough to fit a couple of nappies, a change of clothes, maybe a toy and a carrier.

Oh yeah, and a carseat!

I also like having a change table, but it's not really necessary, I just find it easier.


Muslin cloths for burp cloths and smaller ones for wipes / face cloths etc.

Also think baby nail clippers are really handy. Plus a comb and brush and some oil incase of cradle cap. The oil is also nice for massage.
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-Swaddling blankets
-Stroller and/or sling
-Some clothes
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Depends. For me, since I stay home, not much. If you plan to return to work, or will have other people care for your baby, then you may need a bit more. The absolute bare minimum for me would be:

Good supportive sling/wrap/carrier
Cloth diapers, wipes, and wool covers (pail and wet bags too)
2 soft cotton blankets for swaddling
6-8 outfits/sleepers/ect

That's it. At least for a few months or so. However, if you could get a few more items...

2-more carriers (I found I likes the sling some times, a short wrap others, a long wrap others. It was nice to have a selection)

Stroller - It's nice to have a place to put my coffee and bags on.

Wool mat/pad/sheepskin They are SO soft and help protect your mattress from diaper leaks.
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i dont think anyone mentioned it but some good nursing bras and possibly some nice breastpads.

and some mamas milk tea

if ec-ing a bblp is nice

a carseat, i would stay away from buckets as they tend to not last you so long for your money.


and since mine tend to teeth early and hard i like an amber necklace and wooden teething toy
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I agree with previously mentioned things.

I do plan to get a bucket seat because my new baby will be born in the winter, and I like the idea of putting her into a warm seat and the putting the whole seat in the car. Otherwise, I'd probably just get a convertible. It is convenient to get a tiny baby latched into the seat in the house, though.

The stroller is nice occasionally but I wouldn't spend a lot of money on one.

I've decided a diaper changing table is a waste of money and space. I'm happy to change on the floor. Some people do like them but it really was just another piece of furniture to find space for IMO. And if the baby rolls around on the floor, there's no distance to fall.

A diaper pail and some wet bags to carry dirty cloth diapers around in.

A basket to store clean and dry diapers in. I didn't bother folding - I just threw them in the basket and pulled them out as I needed them. They looked fine and it makes the chore a lot easier. I guess some moms like the fold them but I always felt rushed.
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My tip is if you coat the baby's bottom with petroleum jelly (I know...) every change, it makes wiping the sticky meconium up much easier that first week.

I loved our monitor, because I was paranoid about naps and such like that.

One thing I learned is that you will probably want to go out anyway after the initial "babymoon" so don't be worried about being on a buy-as-you-go plan if there are shops accessable nearby.
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Ok, I've thought about this before and if I could go back in time this is what I would have:

Soft bamboo velour/hemp washable breast pads
Lanolin or Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple cream (lanolin free and awesome, I did use this)
Unbra from Decent Exposures
Organic crossover bras (2) from Gaiam
Some nursing tank tops from Majamas or similar
Indian or sherpa prefolds for burpies

Diapers, Cloth
Thirties covers
Dream Eze
Wet Bag
Wipes, cloth
Spray bottle

Diapers, paper:
Pampers swaddlers OR
Seventh Generation


small, compact stroller
Maya ring sling
mei tai with buckle waist
Swing (plug in if you can find it)
maybe portable swing for going to friends
Pack/play (if you have dogs/cats/animals) I had 2 dogs so I 'needed' this (playyard/bassinet/changing table all in one)
Baby gates depending on your home layout
**{Really wish I had this} Humanity organic Cosleeping pillow

Lots of blankets, flannels, prefolds, flats, snugglies

High chair or booster seat
twin bed for baby to move into when they are ready
Klean Kanteen sippy cup or Sigg

That's all I can think of for now
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ah! a boppy how could i forget a boppy!

and im not a fan of maya wraps for beginners. id suggest a wrap or a pouch sling for a beginner.
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I just had my third son and to be honest there isn't all that much that is required. For me, a car seat, receiving blankets (I found oversized ones from an Etsy seller called kinderhaus that I'm happy with) and a sleeping place. Some little clothes, diapers.

Some of my recent purchases, and probably not so natural parenting purchases include, a car seat positioner and infant car seat winter cover, a Medela hand breast pump. I also used soothie nipple gel pads and soothie pacifiers.

I think that's about it. It's really not that much. I got my nursing bras / tanks at Target because they were inexpensive and I'm small-chested so they work well for me.
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rocking chair or glider.
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I agree with all the previous suggestions.
just want to put in another bid for one or more babywearing options (my personal fave was a Mei Tai) this for me was the absolute essential.

Also a big exercise ball for bouncing the baby to sleep on. Worked like a charm for my DD who required LOTS of walking, bouncing and rocking.

If you are a car-free family (Like we are) a light weight stroller that can fold up and be carried on public transport (ours is a Mclaren Volo, got it as a gift). You won't need this until the baby is older, but at some point you're going to stop baby wearing and start using a stroller (for us it was after a year). Also a good quality folding stroller will last a long time. My DD is turning 3 in a month and we use it regularly.

Not essential but really great for winter babies is a babywearing coat. Checkout the babywearing forum or www.thebabywearer.com for the latest news and reviews on all things babywearing.
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I agree that a changing table is nice buy not necessary. What I did was, I scoured the antique stores and found a dresser (which I needed for the baby anyway) with a changing table top. Once they are all out of diapers, it can become just the top of the dresser. I only paid about forty bucks for it, way cheaper than a new dresser or changing table would have been. Just a thought. It saves on the bending over.

Essentials? clothes, blankets,diapers. Carseat of course.

I realize how little I used most of what I had. The crib was just a big, empty space waster for number one and two. By number three it became the place wehre stuffed animals lived. by number four I had thrown it out. We also had way more clothes than needed which creates chaos when trying to find something, we just had too much.

I guess nail clippers and a suction bulb.

Funny you sould ask, I was just thinking about this recently, about how much shorter my "baby needs"list would be if I had another (with the first baby it was so long, I knew nothing back then!) You dont need special baby towels and baby washclothes, they can use the regular ones. I make my own wipes. But you would then have to purchase the container you will use to keep them in (hasto be airtight). I do love my stroller. Didnt much use a baby swing or those bouncer seats. THe stroller though when they are older. Mine spent a lot of time in the sling when little.
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Some sort of sling/carrier.

I am not uber-crunchy, but found the carrier to be INDISPENSIBLE. We used them literally from day 1. I had a few (most have been passed on), and I still use one occassionally with my very active toddler (27mos) when we are walking long distances. For a long time, it was the only way she'd nap. Strollers are useless for *us* (DD does NOT like them), but we have a small girl, so, she was easily carried almost ALL the time until about 18mos (she didn't even hit 20lbs until then). At which point, she easily walked most places.

For us, we also found a pack and play to be indispensible, but we had a baby who WOULDN'T cosleep until about 7 mos, so, we could easily move that around from room to room and she had her own "space" near us.
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The only items that were must for me (outside of boobs) were:

baby washcloths and a yogurt container of warm water for cleaning tiny bummys
a good baby carrier (sling, Mei Tai and Baby Trekker were my favourites)
Kuddle Ring nursing pillow (great for tummy time)
Light weight fleece blankets for swaddling
Flannel recieving blankets/flat diapers to catch the spit up
Nursing pads
Baby carseat
Lansinoh both for bums and breasts
diapers, clothes, a good bunting if it's cold

My favourite luxury item was our Kiddopotamus fleece cover thing that was meant to go over a stroller, carseat or carrier. I loved that thing. Versatile and warm with a place for my hands.

The swing was very helpful. One of my kids slept well in the pack and play, but the other completely refused. The basinette was useless.
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