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i think pps have covered the basics
this was our list of essentials:

diapers/covers/wipes/pail or hamper/liner
clothes -- especially if you're having a winter babe
safe place to put baby while you take a shower/go to the bathroom/fix a snack, etc (for us, this ended up being a bouncy seat, but could be a swing or pack-n-play)
nail clippers

oh, and lots of meals in the freezer

and someone else to do laundry hehe
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I am a minimalist momma! So, here are my suggestions...

From birth...

*boobies (Evenflo glass bottles, as needed)
*nursing bra & nip cream (good for bums, too)
*cloth dipes, covers, wipes and pail
*basic layette (tees, onesies, socks, footed one-pieces, receiving blankets)
*car seat & seat protector

For a little later...

*convertible crib & basic bedding
*booster seat & bib (we use tempered glass bowls, tiny spoons & regular small glasses)
*a few toys and a lot of books
*more clothes!

Towels, comb, nail clippers, thermometer, gentle cleanser and moisturizer are other essentials that you probably already have on hand. You may already have a great bag that could be used for a diaper bag (add a wet bag and formula dispenser, if necessary). Rent a high quality breast pump, if needed.

We received sooo many things that we never wanted or needed, as gifts. We sold or donated all of it! Fortunately, we spent little $ on these items (seat, swing, bassinet, umbrella stroller, pack n' play, jumperoo, play mat, baby positioners, monitors, bath tub, baby towels, un-comfy clothing, silly toys, etc.).
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Originally Posted by GuildJenn View Post
My tip is if you coat the baby's bottom with petroleum jelly (I know...) every change, it makes wiping the sticky meconium up much easier that first week.

I loved our monitor, because I was paranoid about naps and such like that.

One thing I learned is that you will probably want to go out anyway after the initial "babymoon" so don't be worried about being on a buy-as-you-go plan if there are shops accessable nearby.

4 this, we used olive oil....worked great!
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I would add: a swing. Probably not very crunchy, but it was nice to have in the living room when DS was napping. Later, it was really easy for DH to get him to sleep by putting him in it (DS nurses to sleep, and has trouble falling asleep when I am not around).
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Not baby gear exactly, but essential supplies:

Enough books or magazines so that you can have one beside every place you nurse. The bigger your space, the more you'll need.

And just in case you don't have one already, a cordless phone!

We didn't have a car with our first, so we didn't need a car seat straight away, not until he was six months old and we were tired of trying to rent carseats along with cars.
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A baby book. The Baby Book. some reference guide. Yeah, everything is online but sometimes you want to bring the book to the baby or you don't have time to fiddle with your internet connection when you need to know the symptoms of a concussion at 3am.
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I think it also depends on your personal circumstances, too.
I work outside the home, so a good breastpump and bottles are a necessity. (My husband is a SAHD and my job pays the bills and has the medical coverage, so I can't just quit) He also want to make sure we have some single-serve packets of formula on hand just in case we run out of breastmilk one day while I'm at work. Walmart is about 500 yards away-meaning, put the baby in the sling and walk over there, guess not too fun with a screaming, hungry kid-and I hope I'm always at least a little ahead with a freezer stash. If you don't WOHM, then a double electric probably is not necessary. If you want to, though, you could get a hand pump and a couple bottles in case you have to or want to go somewhere and leave the baby with daddy or someone.

I think basinettes/cradles are only good for a few weeks before baby outgrows. Get a pack-n-play and use that basinette feature. Then you have a "safe place" to put baby when you are showering or in a position baby can't be wandering around (say, painting the kitchen) or when your baby gets older and gets a new sibling, it makes a great place to play with legos or other teeny-tiny toys--keeps em away from baby.

Other necessities:
-a collection of quick-n-easy throw-together-but-nutritious-and-filling meals.
-flexible routines (a loose plan for your day--don't schedule it down to the second)
-take care of yourself--be sure to eat, drink plenty of water, have some downtime--let daddy take over babycare for 30 minutes or so, shower and get dressed every morning and do your hair and face (even if all you do is pull it in a ponytail and put on moisturizer and a slick of lipgloss)--trust me, you will feel like you've accomplished something big, even if it means waking at 6 am before the baby is up or let daddy dress baby while you shower and dress.
-take care of your home. Your stress level will be a lot lower if you are up on top of the laundry for cloth diapering and not having to search for things when you need them. (trust me, I'd fall behind on laundry and have to go to the store for disposables to tide me over until laundry was done)
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I didn't have a changing table with my first. Couldn't afford it, didn't have room, didn't think it was necessary. Along came number 2 and we were actually in a house and were given one as a gift from my parents. It was great. I could keep everything diaper-related put away and in one spot, could change the baby without bending over a couch or bed and hurting my back and we also used it sometimes for getting him dressed. I still have it and have been using it on my third baby. It has seen better days and will probably need to be replaced before #4 gets here. I never realized how much I would enjoy having one.
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Breasts, a really comfortable sling or two, diapers. Water for you!! I was amazed at how thirsty I was for the first couple of months.
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Originally Posted by gabysmom617 View Post

4 this, we used olive oil....worked great!
Hey that's a great tip.
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What I really use:

-GMD prefolds
-Thirsties covers
-Thirsties wipes
-kissaluvs diaper lotion potion concentrate (you mix it with witch hazel and put it in a spray bottle--spray it on baby bum and wipe with thirsties wipes--no rash so far!)

-Arm's Reach mini-cosleeper (we have a very soft mattress and dangerous headboard, plus DH was not comfy with her in our bed for safety reasons until she is older and we resolve the headboard issue)
-pack and play (for day sleeping downstairs--we have two very affectionate dogs and this was an absolute necessity--picked one up secondhand for $5.00 and I see them all the time at thrift stores)
-Kaiser shorn sheepskin for pack and play--safely tanned sheepskin--she really does sleep longer on it!
-one or two nice, knit blankets for naptime
-Changing table--I love having all of our diapering stuff together and organized.

*most of the clothing I thrifted over my pregnancy turns out to be completely impractical for easy cloth diapering and comfort. I am in the process of changing over to mainly:
-long sleeve/short sleeve (depending on season) side snap kimono onesies in the next size up (to accomodate cloth diapers)
-a few sweaters
-cotton pilot caps with ties --other regular style hats don't stay on her head!
-sleepsack for nighttime

-We fight over who gets to wear our Ergo carrier. SO COMFY. We are currently using it with the infant insert, and it works great. I think it will be even better when we can use it without.

Other thoughts
-I agree with a PP on keeping up with your laundry, esp. if you are doing cloth diapers. I was folding laundry right after our baby's birth because I knew I would feel overwhelmed if I didn't stay on top of it.
-I agree with the same PP that keeping the house clean/organized has been key. So many baby books tell you to forget about the housekeeping when you have a new baby, but I don't think that's helpful advice. Organization is key. not feeling overwhelmed with a dirty house is key. Have DP or other family members help, but make it a priority.
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money set aside - to get what you might need as time went along.

like when you discover your dd has colic and the swing is the only thing that will help ANYONE get some sleep and rest.

i also used that vibrating chair thingy. basically as someone seid somewhere to put teh baby down while you took a shower or had to do something putting the baby down adn not carrying or holding baby. it was a life saver for us for the first maybe 3 months or so. we got all our moneys worth out of it.

OMG - a digital camera that takes decent video. and not necessary but maybe a video camera too.

my dd was born in sept. she didnt really wear any clothes till maybe nov except when going out. seriously 3 outfits would have been enough for her. we got so many clothes (people cant resist getting cute baby clothes) she didnt wear many or wore some maybe once a twice. ouch!!! what a waste.
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For us it's...

Me (for breastfeeding)
car seat
onesies and sleepers

That's all we truly NEED, but we do also have a bunch of carriers(2 ring slings, 3 pouches, a wrap sling, a beco obi, and a mei tai), a ton of clothes that hardly ever get worn, a bumbo seat, a booster seat for eating at the table, and a co-sleeper. We also used a bouncy seat with Janelle and Kincaid, but not with Travis...it will depend on of baby #4 likes it if they use one or not. Ohh, and we have a stroller, but that is used by our 4 year old autistic son, not the baby for the most part.
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Boppy Pillow

My LO likes to hang out with us on the bed or couch but is rather independent and, honestly, it's nice not to worry about holding her at times .. like when eatting or scrapbooking or something. And she loves to sit in her Boppy. It's also a great arm pillow for nursing and between the knees pillow while pregnant. It's also good for her tummy time. She likes to sort of sling herself over the side and look all around the room.

I also like having a breast pump so her father can feed it too, which worked out greatly when I had a really high fever and bad migraine. He took her out for a few hours and I got to sleep and we didn't have to worry about feeding since I had pumped. It does require the purchase of bottles too though, but we have glass bottles (-:

Bert's Bees products. They're a little more expensive but they are eco-friendly, animal-friendly products for her. We have the shampoo and lotion and diaper ointment - which we haven't used yet - and they have a lot of other stuff in their baby bee's line.

Hope this helps!
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cloth diapers, wet bag for travel, big wet bags for dirty diapers
car seat
boobs and nipple cream (I like Green Goop)
sling or wrap and a big coat to wear over them if you live in a cold climate
nail clippers
bulb syringe
blanket big enough to swaddle baby or pre-made swaddle blanket
rocking chair
pillows for nursing
mattress cover for your bed
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I agree with the pp's who suggest waiting to see if you need some items. The personality of your baby might necessitate or negate some items. DD hated the swing. Cried the moment she went in. We never used it. When DS came along, we got it out and he absolutely loved it. He was colicky for awhile and the swing soothed him. DD loved the stroller. DS won't stay in a stroller. Some items will be dependent upon your babies personal likes and dislikes.
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For me it was: (other than boobs of course)
Nursing pillow (had a bad epidural that messed up my back..holding her was really hard)
Some clothing
burp clothes or extra blankets (DD spit up ALOT)
blankets to swaddle with- I just used recieving blankets
nursing pads
Pump (I returned to work at 6weeks pp)
A loving husband that would get up during the night and get me water/food whatever I needed.. or in the middle of the day for that matter
Someplace to sit the baby when I needed to use the bathroom
A carseat

Things I didn't have that would have been nice:
A carrier of some kind (I didn't even know those exsisted until I started CD when DD was almost a year)
Meals frozen or easy to make meals in the cupboards

I agree with waiting on some things till the baby gets here. DD HATED the swing, wanted to be picked up right away. I had be given two swings (one used, one new) and they sat around until I gave them to someone else. I didn't plan on co-sleeping so I bought a bassinet, DD slept fine but I couldn't sleep with her away from me. It ended up an expensive laundry basket. I found out that I was allergic to Lanolin and I had 3 bottles of it and breastpads treated with it. DD refused to go into a stroller until she was around 15 months old and only certain strollers so the one I had when she was a newborn I ended up giving away. I got some premie clothing since everyone said she was going to be tiny, she was a big baby (8lbs 9ozs) and never fit into them..
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I love my boppy. I use it constantly and it makes my life so much easier. :
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One thing that hasn't been mentioned that I've found absolutely necessary is a nightlight. We got an LED one that does different colors; I usually start with green and then switch to red when my eyes have adjusted. Co-sleeping and nursing wouldn't work nearly as well w/o the nightlight.
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i just thought i would also add some tips for mama: things that stood out for me

i had a v. unhelpful husband and NO help. so i pretty much had to be self sufficient

1. WATER - tonnes of water. i would advice you to stash tonnes of water bottles where you were going to nurse. in advance. i would always forget to grab water for me and I would be soooo thirsty while nursing.

2. something for ur sanity. whatever. for me it was netflix which i would watch at night - with teh sound off and subtitles on. i swear that saved my sanity.

3. snacks.

i had a high needs colicky baby so i got v. v. v. little time to myself. and i was pretty frazzled the first month to solve any problems - even to just think.

4. add some nursing pads in ur diaper bag. i always forgot to put them on sometimes.

5. food should be somethign that doesnt need a knife to cut.

6. forget nightwear. sweats as nightwear to keep ur upper body warm as u nursed in bed.

7. front open clothes. the first month though i spent most of my time going top free. i mean what's the point.

8. the MOST important. sleeep when baby naps. i didnt do it. and i tell you i set myself up for sleep deprivation. once i trained myself to work on the house when baby slept i couldnt untrain myself. on those rare mornings that i could indeed sleep with dd - i felt soooooooo much rested.

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