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What work does your dh/dp do that enables you to be a SAHP? - Page 14

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DH is a counselor...he doesn't make cartloads, but we do pretty well for ourselves. The emotional reward he gets from helping people and the emotional reward we get as a family with me being able to stay home make any financial sacrifices we have to make totally worthwhile. We have gotten used to, and actually enjoy a relatively frugal lifestyle. I mean, the kids get pretty much anything we can give them-within reason, but we have to make choices in order to be able to do that, ykwim? Like we don't eat out much, aren't extravagant with ourselves, etc. *Hugs* to all the mamas living tight or who don't get to see their DH/DPs very often Luckily DH only has to work 4 days a week and the hours are flexible, so we get to have him around a good bit (Though not as much as we'd like)
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DH is an Electrician, but is also in school with two more years left. He makes enough to pay our bills with a little leeway, but there are times where money is really tight. We make it work, though, because we both feel so strongly on me staying at home to raise our children. Granted, we only have one child right now...
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My hubby is an electrician.
I sah full time with our three kids and one on the way.We live about 40 minutes outside of NYC.We barely make it but we do as we both feel strongly about me being at home with the kids.I was a Nanny in London for ten years and after the things that I saw going on I vowed never to get one for my kids no matter how much we had to give up.
Funny thing is people seem to think that electricians make a bucket load I have NO idea here they get that from.
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DH is a Corporate Trainer with one of the biggest cell phone companies in the USA. I wouldn't say his pay is great because we do live paycheck to paycheck. However, if I was to get a job we would just spend it all on child care.
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DH is an officer in the Air Force; pay is good and benefits are plenty, plus it's pretty safe from being laid off. My career is not exactly military friendly, PR and advertising, so it was obvious I would stay at home. One day when DS is old enough I would like to work again, so I will do another degree in a different science that is more compatible with moving around.
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My dh is a firefighter. We are a family of 7 living fairly well on that salary. I'd say the biggest thing though, is not so much his paycheck (they don't get paid that well) is that we live in a small-ish old house in a city with a low cost-of-living.
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Right now my dh is a grad student, so things are tight. He'll be graduating in a year with a phd in economics. Then he plans to be a quantitative analyst. He will most likely be just breaking the six figure mark.

However, how well off we'll be will depend on where we're living. 100000 doesn't go as far as you think if a tiny, not in that great of repair house cost 500000.
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DH is a Union carpenter, and i get a disability check. between the two we are fine. plus we own our trailer so we only pay lot rent.
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DH works for a nonprofit. He makes < $30,000/yr. So really it's not a case of his job "enabling" me to be a SAHM at all. We work with what we have. We make sacrifices.
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Dh is a lawyer. I used to be in book publishing, but I wasn't making much $$. If I were still working, most of my salary would have gone to child care and commuting.
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DH is a civil engineer doing regional water planning.
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It's not his job per se. Well, I mean, it works only b/c he works hard lol but it's more that we have a LCOL and established property.

E.g. before marriage we each had a car completely paid off. After we married, we bought another card and paid cash for it.

I keep thinking how amazing we would be living if we had zero debt and no school...lol thousands of dollar to spend!
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My husband is a chiropractor. But, I think it's about what sacrifices you're willing to make to make it work. Plus, if I went to work, my entire salary would go to childcare. We can't afford for me NOT to stay home!
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DH is in IT...don't know how to describe his actual job at this point. He's making pretty good money (about average for this area, though)...but I've been SAH since he got hired at $40k. Before I met dh, my family income, including both my income and my ex's, only ever exceeded $40k once...and we had to pay childcare out of that. We usually hit somewhere around $32k total...and only $25k one year.
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DH is a medical social worker and we live very comfortably on his salary. But, we live in a modest apartment, drive older cars and I'm constantly budgeting.

He recently started working 6 extra hours a week at a different medical facility to save for a house down payment. I really want a yard!

Side note: Typing this has reminded me of how thankful I am for my DH.
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dh is a building designer and architectural draftsman. in this economy it's been catch as catch can for several months, but he's now working for a good company with lots of room for advancement and a reasonable salary. we are not sleeping on 100 dollar bills of course, but can now start ticking away at the debt and credit loss we experienced when he was laid off last year, and still pay our basic living expenses. we've struggled over the years at different times, but in his field he's been lucky enough to get side jobs that have helped through rough patches, and it looks like we are finally going to be on an even stretch with this new company. it's really the type of job he's wanted (after trying to work for himself which of course would be his dream come true but, right now anyway, not realistic). and he really likes his office mates and boss alot, so that's a bonus of course! haha
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