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chiro rec for baby in Mass?

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Any recommendations for a pediatric chiropractor for our baby (2 months)? Would prefer the central mass area but willing to drive to Boston if we have to.
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Dr. Karen Moriarty Northboro Chiropractic is great as well as Lauren Hamm at Shewsbury Family Chiropractic. My whole family goes to Northboro. Let me know if you have any ?
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I would recommend Dr. John Daoust.Im not sure where you are located or how far of a trek it would be for you but believe me, it is well worth it. He is located in Hingham.

He has been a life saver for myself and my kids. He is going to be taking care of my baby as well. I know that if it werent for him, I probably wouldnt make it out of this pregnancy in one piece. Both of my kids have sinus problems, allergies, ear infections, etc. He has pretty much helped to elimiate those issues.

And the best thing, the thing that would make it worth the drive... he treats children for free!! :
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Zellweger Family Chiropractic in Rindge, NH. They are a married couple who were in my Bradley class. They had a natural birth and have lots of experience working on babies and pregnant women.

(603) 899-5153
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I would second Dr Lauren at Shrewsbury Chiropractic if that is convenient for you.
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I saw Karen Moriarty through my last two pregnancies and she has been seeing my son since birth too. She is part of the ICPA -- www.icpa4kids.org - and we have been very happy with our care there.
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Dr. Lisa Geiger at Village Family Chiropractic in Brookline, MA is amazing with children!

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Anne Crawshaw at Road to Health in Framingham

My whole family including dogs has been seeing her for nearly 10yrs. She practices a kind of chiropractic that encompasses homeopathy and applied kinesiology as well. They’ve been treating dd since she was 2w old.
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We had great success with Dr. Peter Martone in Lynnfield, MA.
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Also, for anyone reading on the South Shore, Rich Brown in Brockton is an AMAZING chiropractor and is excellent with babies. He adjusted my two shortly after their births.
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hi! Both my daughters ages 2 months and 21 months as well as myself have been seeing Dr Sara Croteau at Milton Chiropractic in Attleboro Ma. She is very holistic, good advice about delaying certain vax and good info on extending breastfeeding, allergies, etc. I'm sure you'll love her too!
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Dr Pam Jarboe and Dr Steve Jarboe in Groton MA are awesome! They adjust my 7 month old. My DD has muscle tightness on her right side and you could see that she looked curved. After some adjustments she is getting stronger and looks much straighter. Both of the Drs have been super gentle with my LO and totally following her lead. If Z lets them know she doesn't like something they back off.

http://www.itsforyourlife.com/ is their website
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Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic was fabulous with my infant son. However, be aware that they push their "plan" heavily, especially Dr. Brian. Dr. Lauren never pushed it. Brian actually made me feel uncomfortable and guilty for not signing up for their pay ahead plan. I am not one who feels that everyone needs to go to the chiropractor every week. Some may, some may need it once a month, others once a year, it is an individual thing.

Anyway, their expertise with infants is fabulous. And Dr. Lauren never made me uncomfortable.
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