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napping without nursing?

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how do you do it? my 3 yr old will only nap if i nuse her down but its like nails on a chalkboard when she nurses so im trying to find other ways. i NEED her to nap. so i cant just forgo the nap. she needs the naps too. days she doesnt get them are H.E.L.L. and then it takes her 3 hours to fall asleep at night b/c shes so over tired. ughh. HELP!
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We still nurse to sleep so I've not got that many ideas but maybe just cuddling her in as if she were to nurse may give her the contact need that she requires - start a routine of a story, cuddle then snoozle time - just a thought.
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When I nap-weaned it was really tough but it only took a couple of weeks. I used Dr. Sears' approach and offered DS cuddling instead (at first). He was much younger than your DD. If you're serious about doing it, just bite the bullet and be 100% consistent - know it'll get done eventually and then your life will be peaceful again.

Have you tried substitutes like cow's milk or walking in a stroller?
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Have DH put them down...

Ok, well, when he's not around - I still nurse some, but am trying to transition to less then not at all (for getting to sleep), and what I do is the same that I do at night. For one, my boys just stopped falling asleep for nap or night wit nursing, so at some point I may say "OK, 10 more sips then its nite nite for nursing" or sometimes I just say "nite nite for nursing" and they have been "conditioned" to pop off and turn over/roll off and be still to fall asleep. I will then stay and put my arm over their backs if they want, or just lie there until they are asleep. I started this something like a year ago, so that I could get up at some point... if your dc is not used to this at all you'll probably be met with some resistence, but may only for a few days to a few weeks.

My husband tires them out during the day, then lies down with them in the dark and he says they drop off pretty immediately.

Good luck!
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We are in the same place...

I am so so tired of tandem nursing, and I can't seem to get DD down without nursing. I sing ABC's and then snuggle her, but it is always a fight. It's the worst part of my day...but I HAVE to have her take a nap. Otherwise she is unmanageable. Hoping that other posters will have some more ideas.
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When my toddler was still napping (I'm envious your three year old still naps!) I used to put her in the Ergo and vacuum. It worked like a charm.
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DD takes ALL her dolls/toys into bed with her. She puts them ALL to sleep. Then I sit in the rocker and hum until she's out. Sometimes I can leave and she'll talk to herself for a long time and then just fall asleep. The key for her was having stuff to do in bed, so that instead of fussing/whining/crying, she was busy until she was too tired. She's only 17mo though, and fighting to give up her one nap...so take my advice with a grain of salt.
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Nice to know I'm not the only one.
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