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Sudden high fever, jerking movements

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I dropped DD off at daycare this morning and she was happy, playing, and seemingly fine (although a little tired since she woke up 45 minutes earlier than usual).

At 12:30pm they called to let me know she had spiked a fever of 103.3 during her nap. !!

Her fever was 101.7 when I got her home and I gave her Viburcol (homepathic remedy). It's been two hours and she feels cooler to me, but I can't get the thermometer (she's on my lap and asleep).

She seems to have a quicked pulse rate (but that determination could very well be subjective, considering I'm worried about her). When she's awake she's somewhat listless and doesn't seem to have any energy nor want to expend energy to hold herself up. I don't blame her -- I know I just want to lie down when I feel crappy too. But at the same time I wonder at what point I should be concerned about the lethargy.

She's had a couple of jerky movements (legs once, arm another time) and both instances have caught her by suprise and made her cry. They were quick movements and lasted for just that particular instant (much the way newborns have jerky movements). Not sure if we're looking at potential febrile seizures or not but wanted to throw it out there.

She's been glassy eyed and in and out of having her eyes open when she's awake. It's almost like she wanted to rest but was trying to stay awake.

She's sleeping now and whimpering. I feel so bad!

Other info:
-had breakfast at 7. Has had nothing else to eat since.
-has had a few ounces of water and breastmilk. Refused fluids at daycare.
-two bottom molars are poking through the gum
-no sign of ear infection

At what point do I freak out?
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She's probably fine but glassy eyes and jerky movements would have me at the doctor's office same-day.
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