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This DDC is closing

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This DDC is closing in 48 hours. Everyone is free to move the discussion over to LWAB in our own thread.

This was my DDC too, so I just want to say to everyone that it was lovely being in this DDC with everyone and I hope to see you in the LWAB thread.
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Oh no, it's so sad to see this board closing. :-(
What does LWAB stand for?
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Life With A Babe.

I know, it is very sad. Our little ones are getting big too fast!
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Thanks MDC

This place was my solice!!!

love you ladies!!
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So sad that this chapter in our lives is closing!!! Hope to see you all over at LWAB or at the DDC site...

Thanks, ladies! You got me through some really rough patches in this pregnancy and I appreciate you all so much!!
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