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We are planning our second homebirth with a midwife....hopefully I will be able to get a tub for waterbirth....
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Hi! My name is Christine and I am due with baby #2 July 15th. My son is 6, he will be 7 by the time baby gets here. We are excited because this time it is a girl
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Hi, I'm pg with #4 and due around July 19. Hopefully our 4th water birth at home.
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Hello, I'm Alina, baby #1 due July 19th! It's a boy, planning a hospital water birth. So excited to be here!
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I'm a little late in joining in with you guys, but I wanted to say hello! I'm also due in July, on the 8th. I have a 14 mo DS and am stationed overseas in Japan with my military hubby. Unfortunately a home birth is not an option, though we would have loved to do that (maybe #3!) so we'll be doing the whole military hospital thing. We weren't planning in finding out this baby's gender, but the curiosity was eating me up and we are told it's another boy! :-)
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Hello everyone! I'm Kat and my EDD is July 1st, though I have a feeling the baby will be here a few days earlier. My 26 years old and my DH is 28, and we are expecting our first child.
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I was diagnosed with P.C.O.S. and we weren't sure HOW fertile I was/am. We stopped all birth control and a year later, here I am pregnant!

Original due date was June 22nd, it's been moved to July 2nd!

My first ever, DH's first girl :
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Late, but still new!

Well, I feel kinda silly replying when the last post was in November, but I don't know where else to introduce myself.

I'm Megan. I'm a little over 30 weeks along with my first, a girl, due July 9th. I just heard about this community from a friend and am really excited to have found it.

EDIT: Nevermind! Computer did something weird and now I can see the other (recent) pages. Don't feel so dumb now for posting. Or I do, but for different reasons, hahaha!
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I'm checking in to this thread, too!

I'm due w/ boy #3 on July 18.

Hope everyone is having a heartburn-free day!
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Hey mamas!

My name is Lauren. My husband and I are expecting our second daughter in July (EDD 07.08.09). I had a hospital birth with Lolli in September of 2007 and am looking forward to a home birth with this one!

I'm a cat-lover, birth-doula, breastfeeding-advocate, and I love 90's pop music I've been hanging out on less crunchy websites so I'm very glad to have joined Mothering! Looking forward to spending the next few months with you all!

*~* healthy pregnancy, labor, birth and PP vibes *~*
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I am joining you ladies too. My name is Martina and we are expecting our 5th baby (planning another water birth), Due July 20th (DH's birthday)
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My name is Danielle. I live in CT with my DH Chris and we are expecting our first child (a girl) on July 7th : We're planning on a homebirth and have 2 midwives and a doula. Both my sisters have done homebirths and I was able to borrow a birthing tub from one of them so I'm hoping for a waterbirth. Congrats to everyone!
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