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Hi! My name is Nicole. I am due July 6, 2009. It is our first. We've been trying for most of this year and it finally happened! We're excited. Good to meet you all.
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Hi everyone! I'm here by surprise! I was not planning on any more babies but here I am!
I have an almost 10 yr old, 7 yr old, and almost 4 yr old.
I thought when I hit 40 that babies were a thing of the past....
Of course, I'm happy with the news-if not a bit shocked!
I'm due about July 2.
I'll be doing a homebirth this time around since Dh delivered the last one in our van! I figured staying home is a safer and more comfortable option
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Hi everyone, I am excited to join. This will be baby #2. We have a almost 2 and a half year old little boy. Hoping for a girl this time. I think I am still in shock, I took a test this morning just on a hunch, not expecting it to be positive, af wasn't due until Friday.. I think I am due around 7/8/09.
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I'm in!! I just got my BFP tonight! :

This was our first month TTC and I feel so blessed to have become pregnant so quickly. This will be kiddo #3 for us.

Off I go to update my siggy.
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#3 here we go!- pretty sure this one is a sticky! 10dpo- got my bfp tonight with, well, late day urine immediately prior to my 2 /12 year old swan diving into my sewing table with her mouth and turning into a fountain of blood. (no stitches thank maude!) sigh. never boring around here! my only concern is that i had dental surgery last week (including an unprotected panoramic xray/general anesthesia and lots o' pain meds) at 2dpo.

my due date is officially July 11th however according to previous gestations, is probably more like July 24th. bring on labouring in a heat wave!

nice to see you all!
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Im Lindsay

Im due in July..sometime. I dont have an EDD...and I have had one ultrasound, but wont be having anymore unless something arises. We are going as unassisted as possible.

This will be our second baby - we want 6. Kahlan, our daughter turned 1 in September. We are so excited! yay! Happy to be here...so very very happy!
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*Waves hands furiously* I'm here!!!

DH and I found out on Sunday afternoon that we're expecting our third! We're very excited about it. I have a 4.5yo girl and a 2yo boy. My due date is sometime around July 8th (my AF was a little off the month before, so I'm not exactly sure) but I'm hoping for a June baby. DD was 2 weeks late (in May), DS was a day early (in July), hopefully this one will be a little bit earlier - but not too much! It would be nice for each child to have their own birth month.
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Due July 4th with my second. My son was born on saint patrick's day, and because this one was conceived during a political season, I believe it might actually happen on the 4th. (Does my theory imply I was drunk when I conceived the first, probably no so, but funny.)
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due around July 4th with #2

this is an unplanned surprise for us
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Here we go again...

Hola!!! I'm Carisa and I just got a pos. result - : My daughter is 2 and we've been trying casually for about 5 months and seriously for about 2. Before our daughter we m/c'd at about 12 weeks and then a few months ago i was very sure I was pregnant and then got my period quite late.

I'm so happy to be here with you all!!! I'm sending good thoughts to everyone - may we all have journey's filled with an openness to learn and surrender to the unknown. CONGRATS!!!
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Just spreading around some for all of us so far!
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Baby 6
Due date anywhere between July 4 and July 11

Sending sticky vibes to all of us!!!
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I already posted my own intro

Im Becky. This will be #3 and I am "Duish" on July 8th. DD was born on July 5th so I hope she doesn't mind sharing a birthday
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I am ready to join. I think due date is around July 7. We have a daughter who will be 2 next month. Looking forward to getting to know you all.
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Here I am, I guess.

I'm Jill. I've been feeling pregnant for about a week now, so I thought I would take a test just in case . . . and it was really really positive, even in the afternoon. We weren't really trying so I'm still kind of in shock.

This will be #3 for us -- we already have two active boys, 4 and almost 2. I'm kind of terrified about adding a third to the mix, but I'm sure I'll be good by the time we get there.

I honestly don't remember when my last period was . . . 4 or 5 weeks ago? . . . so we are in July sometime. My guestimate was off by 2 weeks with ds2, so we'll see.
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Hi, I'm Miriam. I think I'm due around July 2nd. This was our first month TTC and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I am pregnant. I had a C-section last time and will be looking for a way better birth experience this time. My DH and I have an appt with a midwife group in a week and a half and I'm excited about that. They are 45 minutes away and have inconvenient office hours, so I am hoping it works out anyway. We will still have to have a hospital birth b/c apparently it's illegal for licensed midwives to do homebirth VBACs in New Jersey.
That's probably way more information than needed on a roll call!
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Nevermind. I posted too soon. I think i belong in june DDC, Sorry
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Hi, I'm Heather. I have an 18mo DS, who is still BF A LOT and it looks like our second is due around July 7. I'm so excited to be here
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I'm Laurie, and I tested positive this morning! I'm a little unsure when exactly that would put my due date, but I'll guess mid-July.

Our 2.5-year-old is going to be a big sister!
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Hello ladies!

Anna Banana checking in! I've been a stay at home mom for most of the last 4 years dedicated to caring for my first born daughter who is 4 years old and my second born son who is 2 years old. We've been breastfeeding and co-sleeping and getting chiropractic care as a family and now another little person will be joining us in the comings and goings of our crazy household!

I'm still kind of in shock as this is unplanned, but certainly welcome. It was wonderful to have a great relationship with a midwife to turn to when I tested positive this week. I went in to see her and confirm the results of the first test... not that I really had any doubts... somehow that just made it more official i guess.

So my official Due Date is on the 4th of July and is my 3rd pregnancy.
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