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I'm so excited to be here! It's a bit of a surprise, but a very welcome one. I got my IUD removed late in August, so we were open to getting pregnant, but not exactly "trying". This will be our 2nd. I'm *due* July 8th!
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Hey, momma's! I'm pregnant with our 4th little munchkin... a very happy surprise!
My EDD is July 14, but I've been 3.5 weeks "early" and a day "late" so who knows.
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So surprise this morning, got a BFP, my DS is nursing still a lot so I am not as excited as I should be - I feel I am cheating him out of momma's milk, but I am getting there. It was really a shocker since it as our first try for #2.
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Well, I guess I belong here too! It's still a bit of a shocker to me, though.
I tested this morning, and can't deny the BFP. We weren't exactly trying, but not exactly preventing either.

My EDD is 7.14.09
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I just found out last week that I am pregnant. This is my first time! I haven't been to a doctor yet, but I figure my due date is in early July based on my LMP. Hi.
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Well I guesss I'll make it official. I'm due the beginning of July (with my other 2 this one better be born on the 4th to stick with the trend). I'm not convinced that I won't m/c again. It'll either be baby #3 or m/c #4.
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I got my three positives last week (I needed three to actually believe it!). This will be our first little one, and Hubby and I are both excited, and a little overwhelmed I think I'm due sometime around July 6th or 7th.
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I'm Lil'Mama. We are expecting a surprise #4. I think my EDD is July 3, but I've never mad it to my due date. Big surprise, we were not planning this so quickly, but we do want a big family.
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I guess I belong here now!! ::: This was our 15th month of trying, and I am very excited to say that I got my + an hour ago. I'm Brandy, and my DH and I have a 4 yr old dd who will be very excited when I tell her about a new sibling. I am 31, and my DH is 28.

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Hi. I just got my 3rd bfp this morning so I guess I really am pg! Not sure of my due date...lmp on 10/13 and conception on 10/23 (early O, I know). I usually have a 25 day cycle. So I think it puts me around mid July somewhere.
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I get to join the club! : I got my BFP this morning.... EDD is 7/16/09!
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Joining the club!

Just found out that my 1st is on the way, and due around July 9th based on my LMP. My family and friends don't necessarily share my approach toward pregnancy/parenting, so I'm very happy to have found this community!:
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I'm joining you! I got the news yesterday morning, which was a pretty cool day to find out. I should be due around July 13th.
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I'm due with #3 in the first half of July, but I was late with both dd so I'm thinking mid July.
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Hi y'all

I've had 11 pregnancy tests (POAS) that say I'm pregnant. But up until today I was thinking 9 weeks. As of today it looks like I may be 4 weeks. Duh.

Hopefully will be getting my blood drawn tomorrow and alla that.

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Hello, I'm Melissa! I took a couple of epts earlier this week that were positive, went to the doctor today, and confirmed it. My due date is around 7/08 but I should find out how "correct" that is, I guess, next month when I get an ultrasound.

Here comes #2! Our first, DS is almost 9 months. We weren't necessarily TTC, we just weren't avoiding it. I think I'm going to like the age spacing.

Hooray for all you pregnant mommies and congrats to everyone!
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I guess I finally belong here :-) I am still in disbelief.

*stick baby stick*
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Hurray! Baby #1 coming some time in early July! :
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Well...I did not think I would be back in a DDC just yet, but after 3bfp's in 2 days and getting darker I can't deny it. So I am cautiously adding my name to the roll.:
I am Joy I have 3 boys from my first marriage 6.5, 4.5, and 1year old nursling and 5 early losses waiting for me in heaven.
I remarried in September and ummm We are now expecting our first baby together. By LMP I am due 7-14-09 (so somewhere in July)
I have my sights set on a home birth with or without a midwife, (not sure yet)
We all live with my parents so keeping this under wraps for the next 8 weeks won't be easy.

Lots of luv and sticky wishes to you all.
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Well, I am very happy to post that I will be due around 7/20/09 if the due date calculator I used is correct. DH and I had a very long and hard journey to get here, but we have conceived au-natural out of the blue!!:

We are not telling anyone until Chritmas and are trying to find a cute affordable way to let everyone know. Were definitly going to use our 1st u/s picture somehow. Our 1st u/s prenatal c heck up is on Dec. 11 and it seems like forever.

I called my PCP just so I can have a blood test to confirm, althhough I have taken 2 test today, both pos. So, on Mon. I'll have that done!!! So excited, I really don't know how to put it into words yet!!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all over the next 8 months!!
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