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My breasts are super tender and sore - like, last night I was lying on my side and my breast was sort of resting on my arm, and just the pressure created by its own weight hurt! I think they're bigger, too, though they don't really look a lot different - they just *feel* big and kind of heavy or swollen.

I am hungry, constantly. I am also super picky. I'm all mustard greens and dandelion greens and plain pasta and potatoes with onions. Other things are harder, but I am trying.
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Well, I'm just 12 dpo today and I've had 2 bfp's. Kind of early, I know. Anyway, my main symptom...the reason that I thought I just might be pg...is a lower backache. The last time my back felt like this was when I was pg with ds. I'm really shaky today, too. Not sure what that's all about. I'm seem to be hungry but when I start eating I really don't feel like finishing. Oh, and the boobs are only slightly tender.
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I think that I am going to add the following things to my list:

really really tired
ligament pain on my right side when I lay down or stand
can't sleep
for some reason I am loving cleaning ( I usually hate to clean...I avoid it at all cost)
not really hungry either
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