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Triangle NC neighborhoods

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Hello All

I just found out that I'll be moving to Raleigh in the next month or two. Although I grew up in Chapel Hill/Hillsborough I know suprisingly little about Raleigh - we only ever went to the museums. I'm looking for good neighborhoods to move to, or at least to spend some time checking out. I'll be staying with family in Chapel Hill for a while so I'll have some time to drive around and get a feel for Raleigh areas I like, but I'd love some suggestions!

I really want the area we live in to be walkable, sidewalks or just close to parks, shops, etc. It's also important that we be on or near a busline, although I think I could probably find that in most areas. I'd also love to be near NCSU but in a safe and crunchy neighborhood if possible. I have a lot of things I'm looking for huh?

Well any suggestions would be great! thanks Mamas!
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it entirely depends on your price range. give us a ballpark and we can be much more helpful
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Well since I think we're gonna rent for at least 6 months - probably a year - we're looking to rent something for about $1000 a month. Could go a little higher but a little lower would be ideal. Something in that range though.
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You might be able to find something in that range in the University Park area off Wade Ave. This is the area north of Hillsborough St and on either side of Wade Avenue. Be sure to check out a rental though because houses can really vary in quality because sometimes students live there (but a lot of professionals and faculty live there too). You'd be able to walk to Ridgewood shopping center that has a Whole Foods. I really like that part of town. As far as the NCSU area goes, most undergrads live south of campus off Avent Ferry and Gorman St. I am only mentioning this in case you are trying to avoid that.

Also, check out the Duraleigh Rd area which is a little farther north and west. There are a lot of nice apt complexes that are def. under $1000, and also townhouses and some small single family homes that you might be able to get for around 1100-1200. There is a neighborhood of houses and townhouses called Delta Ridge, townhouses called Oak Park West I think, and also a neighborhood of houses on Timberhurst Dr. (off Duraleigh) but I forget the name. There is a nice sidewalk all down duraleigh so you can walk to different shopping centers and there is a library too.

NW Raleigh is sorta my stomping grounds so feel free to ask me any questions. I am sure others will chime in about other parts of Raleigh they know better than I do.
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Any information on Chapel Hill and Carrboro parts of town?
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Originally Posted by christyc View Post
Any information on Chapel Hill and Carrboro parts of town?
I loved it all, and lived in several different neighborhoods. : Same criteria as the OP? Renting?
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I see tons of duplexes and townhouses (we need at least 4 bedrooms) that fit our criteria, but it's been so long since we've been in a duplex or townhouse that I'm worried about how that works with 5 kids. Would they be too noisy? Would the neighbors complain? What if we got stuck with some horrible neighbors? I'm thinking about it, but does anyone have BTDT experiences to share?
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If you could give us specifics we might be able to help more. There are tons of duplexes, etc, in town. Most are pretty nice. Maybe start a new thread?
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I have exactly ONE friend in the Raleigh area (we are considering moving there in May) and he lives in the University Park area. He recommended it highly but it seems like the houses might be too much for us to BUY there (and stuff seems to not come on the market there too often!). But he loves it there, it's close to lots of stuff, it's got a real neighborhood feel and the elementary school is great. If we had about 100k more we'd definitely buy there I think! But if you have 300k + then you could maybe buy there.

don't know anything about rentals there...

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