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I am so irritated right now - DH

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So, DH has been working mids this week. He goes to nights next week, so he has today off. He comes home last night and proceeds to keep me up until 1am, even though I told him when he got home that I needed to go to bed. My feet were terribly swollen, I ached all over, was having contrax that weren't going anywhere. It's not like I could just go into our bedroom and go to sleep alone either. We currently live with my parents and we have only one room to ourselves. He was on our computer, which is in our bedroom.

I slept terribly, as usual. I feel like I've been run over. My pelvis hurts, my bladder hurts, my uterus just keeps on chuggin' away. At ten I ask DH (who was awake) to please make me some eggs. He makes such good eggs, always makes them for me when he's home. He's still in bed. I had a poptart to tide me over, and he's still laying in bed! I asked him when he was going to get up, and YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAYS TO ME?

"I didn't sleep well. You were moving too much, you kept waking me up. I want to keep sleeping."

Ohhh, gotcha. So sorry to inconvenience you.

My body aches, is tired, is heavy and hard to tote around. I have someone beating the crap out of me from the inside, and guess what? Muffin doesn't have the consideration to kick me only during polite calling hours.

And I know any minute he's going to roll over and ask me to make him some coffee. And then I'm going to scream.
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I know. DH falls asleep before me, sleeps sounder, gets up after me and still acts like he's not well rested :
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I'm sorry mama! Big .
I think dh's sometimes have no clue. Hang in there!
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Oh, I've just plain out given up on sleeping with hubby. He says I roll around too much (true), hog the covers (not true - I'm trying to get rid of them because I sweat), hog the bed (true). Of course, he lays on top of me and snores, so I feel like we are even. However, I just want SLEEP, so it's worth it to me to hit the pull-out and actually rest.
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Its almost 3am over here and Ive been up for the past hour and a half with DD who doesn't want to sleep. When DH actually woke up (not because she was fussing but because he needed to get some water) he complained I was making too much noise trying to calm her down and could I be quieter.. Then he complained that we were pushing him out of bed (we have a queen size bed and he had over half of it to himself). Now DDs back asleep, finally, and Im up.. I know tomorrow morning hes going to complain that he didn't get ANY sleep and how I slept like a log. He does it every morning even though I do all of the nighttime parenting and always have. Im waiting for when I have the baby for him to realize just how little sleep I get since DD is not a good sleeper and never has been.
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*hugs!!* I'm sorry Nerdy!! (and Oki!!) That must be so tough I hope he makes you some eggs soon, that Muffin gives you a breather, and that you get some delicious rest soon mama!!
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Hugs to all of you! I'm going through virtually the same thing here. DH is constantly complaining about how he doesn't get enough good, deep sleep. Grrr.
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