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How long did you ttc & what age are you???

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just wanting to know exactly how long it took you get that baby in there!!! THANKS!!!
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With my first daughter I was 21 when she was conceived. Me and dh decided to start trying, and we conceived that night. This baby was not planned, and I am 23 now.
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I was 40 when I concieved this last one and it took me negative three months. Apparently thinking "in three months we should start TTC" was enough to get me pregnant at a time of the month when I wasn't supposed to be fertile. (and no I didn't ovulate early).

My last one before this I got pregnant on the first try (I was 38), the first pregnancy took us a few months (I was 37) but it turned out that actually I probably got pregnant the second try and had a very early miscarriage, and then got pregnant again the next time we hit the appropriate time of the month.

DH and I plan on using several methods of birth control at once in the future.
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My only pregnancy I was actively ttc took 18mo and I was 25.
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26 years old, five months TTC. Surprisingly short to me because I was coming off of serious hormonal birth control and I've had major issues with one of my ovaries in the past.
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Im still hanging around here even thought I had my baby a few weeks ago--habit I guess! We conceived on the first try and then had a very early miscarriage last October. DD was conceived in early January, so about three months.
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I am super fertile. Conceived my first at 23 on my first cycle trying. Lost that one, conceived my son at 23 on the first cycle we tried after the miscarriage. Conceived the one I am pregnant with now at 25 on the first cycle trying.
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35, two years, plus IVF (failed)
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With DS, I was 18 years old, took 2 months off the pill. This one, 22 years and it took one cycle off FAM avoiding.
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I always manage to get pregnant the first month we're trying ...which might seem great to most, but sometimes, I'd like for it to take *just* a touch longer...so that if I change my mind, I can wait a little longer.... No regrets though, kids always rock.
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With the last baby we tried for 1 month (I was 24 years old). The first two were surprises.
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1 month - first cycle trying and i'm 26.
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First time @ 31: 4 months, then a miscarriage at 10 wks.
2nd time @ 32 (as soon as it was OK to ttc again): 3 mos.
3rd time @ 34: 8 mos.

This last time, I conceived the same week ds weaned, so that may have been what was keeping me from getting pregnant, even though he was nursing very little at the end.
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I'm 26 and DH is 29 it took us 2 years of somewhat trying, I was charting but we just never avoided each other.

Sometimes it just has to be the right time.
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#1: age 29, 1st month
#2: age 31, 5th month
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age 25 - wasn't trying.
age 29 - two cycles after charting to avoid for a year.
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I was 27 when we conceived (I'm 28 and 6 months pregnant right now). I got pregnant on my 4th cycle after having a copper-T iud removed (I'd had it for 5 & 1/2 years).
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26 and conceived in the 2nd month after going off of BC
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Got pregnant at 29 on the first try, and then again when 31 (also on the first try- but dtd many, many times that cycle!). My husband was hoping for at least a few months of trying!
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I was 27 with DS and it took 4 months. This time we were doing the whole not preventing/not trying thing but this month we were going to avoid because we are moving...but I ovulated early and now here I am 4w2d pregnant.

ETA: I'm 29 now
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