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How long did you ttc & what age are you??? - Page 4

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First at age 24 after 5 months, was coming of the pill
Second at 32 after 2 months
Three miscarriages all after 2 months
Third at 38 after 2 months

2 months seems to be our magic number :
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:: not trying, not avoiding, pg 1st cycle (age 28)
#1: TTC 9 mos, m/c at 9 weeks (age 31)
#2: TTC 5 mos, m/c at 5 weeks (age 32)
Currently: half-heartedly TTC 10 months and counting (I'll be 33 in two weeks)
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I was 22 when I got pregnant and it took about one time.. or a month, either way.
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First pregnancy I'd just turned 25 and it was our third cycle of actively ttc (charting).

This pregnancy I was 27, and still nursing DS once or twice a day. It took 14 mths of charting, with a short LP, then a chemical pregnancy in July 07 and a m/c in January 08. It took vitex tincture and then NPC to conceive and stay pg.
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With my Topside Daughter I was 25...and it took me 6 years of trying (and being told I wouldn't be able to get pregnant...ever.)

I just found out like...2 hours ago that I'm pregnant again... I'm 30... we weren't NOT trying...but just sort of going with the flow (we were also in the process of moving. lol)
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Age 33

First (purposful?) mistake using FAM, undecided if we were still using it to TTA or would start TTC (figured it would take a while anyway). We decided to TTC during the 2WW. But, this was after a mere 4 months on BC pills, 7 months for my cycle to return to normal and 2 months of a normal cycle. Given that, I guess one could say it could have taken us 9 months. I was worried that it would take a while to get pregnant, so wanted to make sure my cycle was sorted out before we started trying. I know too many people who struggled to TTC, many of them much younger, and I myself was a 6 year project.
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Both of mine were happy surprises

One was a NFP surprise (I was 24), the other was conceived on my first ovulatory cycle while I was nursing #1 (I was 25). :
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First-weren't trying or avoiding/lost her at 19 weeks (26)
Second-TTC one month (27)
Third-TTC four months (29)
Fourth-TTC twelve months (33)
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1st pg - tried 3 months (had been on the pill for 15+ years prior). 33 years old, ended in m/c @12 weeks

Had surgery after m/c for uterine septum and given the green light to TTC 3 months later.

Current pg - tried 2 months, 34 years old
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#1 - 23 years old 3 months
#2 - 25 years old 1 month
#3 - 32 years old 1 month
#4 - 33 years old 1 month (surprise)
#5 - 37 years old 3 months
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With DS it took six months. I was 29. With current child, it took two months, I am 31.
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First conception: I was 34. Clicked on try #3. Miscarried at 10 weeks.
Second conception: I was 35. Clicked on try #2, just a few months after the miscarriage. Everything's been fab ever since; we're due in about seven weeks. :
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I'm 30, this is my 5th pregnancy, got pregnant on the first try with this one and my others.
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At the age of 24, I started charting for six months, then the first time that DH and I had sex while I was ovulating we conceived.
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dd who is now three was concieved when I was 20, born when I was 21. She took 2 solid years TTC. Charting, temps, all that jazz.

Currently preg with ds due dec 1st. I was 23 when he was concieved and now 24. He took about 2 months TTC without charting or any other science! I thought I'd have a year or more ttc and could take my time getting ready for a new baby. It didn't exactly turn out that way!

I blame TTC issues with dd on a combo of reoccuring, persistant, ovarian cysts brough on by use of birth control (once a day pill, low dose) and dh's 2nd career at the time as a professional boxer (they all take some low blows yk).
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I conceived DD at 25 and had been trying for 2 months, but really only one. We were "trying" the first month but due to DH's work schedule we couldn't REALLY try.
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age 34
conceived during second cycle

my dh was among those who was disappointed that it didn't take just a smidge longer.....
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33--first try (and we BARELY tried)
37--six months (I'm omitting a four month health scare where we weren't trying).

I'd like to hear from some of the 39+ ladies, I'm still trying to decide if we are going to go for #3.
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1st@ 24 years old: Not planned.
2nd @ 29 years old: 1st month TTC.
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23- first month
26- first month after getting off of bc
34- not trying and on bc pill

All of this after being told for years that I would have trouble conceiving because my cycles are long and I don't always ovulate. Sometimes "they" don't know everything
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