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Nurses are very likely to give a very inaccurate statistic on how many boys are being circ'd, b/c they will remember the screaming boys getting circ'd, but unlikely to remember that some just quitely leave with out it happening. Also hospital statistics are likely to be higher than homebirth statistics.

IIRC it's around 60% for hospital births in midatlantic states, it's late and I don't want to look up exact figures right now.
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I can be disheartening when it seems like everyone you know IRL has circumcised and it's only people online that don't! But if it makes you feel better, I also live in Reading and my ds is intact and any future sons will be as well! You're doing the right thing. If anyone has ever questioned my decision I've always said "why would I cut off a perfectly fine part of my son's body?" and they never have any response to that.
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Some more groups:

http://www.holisticmoms.org/ should have one near you
http://www.motheringandmore.org/ has monthly meetings but I don't think there's info on the site. You might have to email someone.
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I want to echo a pp who said nurses are more likely to remember the screaming babies...and that the rates in hospitals are higher than in birth centers and with homebirthers. I'm in Montgomery county and I know plenty of parents who chose not to circumcise their sons. I've always known that I would never do it. My DH is circ'd, however he told me that there is no way in heck he'd let anyone do that to his child. Peer pressure is tough on all of us, but your baby's well-being comes way before pressure from anyone else. Plus, people will tell you that you're weird or doing something wrong in order to justify their own decision to circ...
You're going to get judgements, questions and pressure no matter what side you're on an no matter what decisions you make. People will have something to say about breastfeeding, natural birth, cloth diapers, disposable diapers, using pacifiers, using bottles, epidurals, babywearing, car seat safety, starting solids, co-sleeping, baby's first haircut, dressing baby, crying-it-out, etc. etc. And peer pressure and the pressure from OB's/pediatricians hasn't always been good for babies in the last century. Just look at the rise in formula feeding, birth interventions, elective c-sections, acceptance of crying it out, etc.
You're gonna do just fine, Mama. Even though it may be hard to shut out comments from others, just remember that your little guy's well-being and happiness is the most important thing in this world.
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Not sure where you are in PA, but if you're in the Philly area, check out BirthMark. There are two locations - Media & Newtown Square. They have all kinds of groups, gatherings, etc. and you will be sure to find some great "like-minded" families, as well as non-judgemental support from the staff.
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One thing that will make it much easier for you is to choose a pediatrician who's comfortable with it. If you have a doctor giving you bad advice about cleaning under the foreskin etc, it will make it harder. So as you join some of those groups and start talking to AP parents in your area, ask them what pediatricians they recommend.
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