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who have you told?

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I haven't told anyone, except one of my very close friends. I didn't even have a chance to tell DH!! He left for work early yesterday and came home late, this morning his co-worker showed up here before I had a chance. I'm thinking he might just have to figure it out on his own!! So who have you told, if anyone?
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a couple close friends, dh, all of you online (and SIL is on MDC so she and her dh know), and one girl from my doula class.
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Three girls at work.

One guy friend back in Texas.

You guys at MDC.

EDIT: Never mind, I thought this was the June DDC!
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Just my mom (who has probably told every person she knows already) and a co-worker who knew we were TTC for a while. We are holding off on telling everyone else until the holidays.
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I'm thinking it would be fun to tell family at the holidays. But I don't know if I'll be able to wait that long. On top of being too excited to keep it to myself, I don't know how long my less than athletic figure will keep my secret.
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Oh yeah

Since I work at WIC, and I get WIC, my coworkers know too!
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Yeah Jess...the holidays would be a great time to tell everyone if we can hold out too. It might not be too hard because DP's family is in another state. We were thinking of getting everyone coffee mugs, or t-shirts...something cheesy like that...that say "World's Greatest Grandma/Uncle/Aunt/etc and have them all open them at the same time. At least that's the plan...but who knows if we can hold on that long.
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We told our ds1, who is 5 1/2. Even though we weren't planning on it, we did it anyway. His reaction was too wonderful to describe! I'm not sure when we're going to tell anyone else. I like keeping it our *thing* right now, ykwim?
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I called my best friend as soon as I tested. I wanted to call DH but I wasn't sure how he'd feel (I knew he'd be happy once he had a few minutes to adjust but I knew he'd initially be shocked and I didn't want to do that to him at work) and I needed to talk to someone. After DH got home and I told him, I called my little sister. Besides you guys, that's it.
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Just a few close friends but they all live far away. No one where we live yet.
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So far we haven't really "told" anyone. However my husband's best friend has a sixth sense about this sort of thing. He has been the first to know with both pregnancies so far. The first time he just looked at me (I was 4 weeks along) and just said "So are you pregnant?" This time I was talking to him on the phone and it was the same thing, he just knew. The only other person who knows is a friend irl who is also on mdc, so she read it on here. She knew we were trying though. That's it. I'll probably tell some other friends tomorrow at a halloween party, but we're waiting a few more weeks to really start telling most people. Dh doesn't want to tell anyone until we have it confirmed by a doctor. Even though I've told him we're not having a doctor, we're having a midwife and really peeing on a stick is the only confirmation we'll probably get until a heartbeat can be detected on a doppler and frankly I'm not sure I can wait that long to tell people.

The only thing is we're staying a week with family down in LA right now and I feel like them not knowing makes me seem rude. Like I'm so tired and so I'm not offering to help with cooking and cleaning and if they knew I was pregnant they'd totally understand, but because they don't it just seems rude. Or I spent all morning hiding upstairs today, because MIL had painters painting a room downstairs and I was avoiding fumes like it was a life or death matter and I think it just came off as being aloof. Also I got yelled at for eating the second to last banana because they're for sil and fil for breakfast tomorrow (which I didn't know), but I really think mil wouldn't have cared if she'd known I was pregnant because pregnant women are first priority when it comes to food. You know?
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Right now no one knows except for DH and I. I was thinking about waiting until Christmas when we're with our families, but now I'm not sure if I want to wait that long. DH is so excited and he wants to tell everyone right now, but I'm trying to rein him in until we at least have one MW appointment. The first appointment is 11/11, so we'll see what she says and go from there.
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I told 2 of my friends first because they knew we were trying. Then I had them help me surprise DF. He of course was ecstatic. Everyone else we're going to wait until after we see the heartbeat.
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I told DH and then we told our best friends (they're a couple). We'll tell everyone else closer to Christmas.
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well I think we've decided to tell everyone at Thanksgiving. I really think i'll be showing already by then. it's my 3rd though.
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I've told my husband, my best friend, and soon a few other close friends. I'm telling my stepmom tomorrow. Once she knows though, the whole world will know.
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Husband and a few close mama-friends. I'm scared to tell anyone else. I only told the people I knew would be supportive.
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I've only told on here and to a couple of other online friends. I want to tell our families before we tell friends, and my parents just went out of town yesterday. Gah! They'll be back Saturday at least.

We told the kids already. They walked in when I was showing the BFP to DH!
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i told my mom and dad and thats it. i'm too scared to tell anyone else, esp. the kids (who are 5 and 2 1/2) until i'm a few more weeks into it after the m/c 2 cycles ago.
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I am sooo weak. I called my best friend and another good friend right away. Then I told my SIL but told her not to tell our husband's parents because I want to try to wait until Christmas though I doubt I can make it that long.
I wasn't going to tell anyone else but then slipped to another friend because I was so nauseous and she asked if I feeling OK
So I'm up to 4 people (besides DH) and I keep saying I'm NOT telling anyone else! I really want to wait until closer to 10/12 weeks.
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