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I wrote a cryptic message on Facebook, but some of the people there already guessed

I also told my sisters and will tell my mom today.
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DH, and here...I'll probably tell everyone at Christmas. My family has a reputation for starting to ask "Are you still pregnant?" at like month 6 So I'll keep it a secret for as long as possible.
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I've pretty much told everybody.
We have a really close group of friends, so once one person was told, everyone would know, so I decided I'd beat the secret gossipers to the chase and just spill the beans myself! Most extended family doesn't know yet, but our moms, my dad, and my grandma do. We've told my dd (27mo) but she doesn't really get it yet.
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well i told my mom. but that's it. i really wanted to try to keep it under wraps for a while, but i'm kind of antsy to tel everyone i run into. soon enough i won't be able to keep it a secret, i feel so bloated already!
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I called my husband at work as soon as I tested. I told my co-maintainers at vaginapagina.com, and my closest people: my sisters-in-law and my brother-in-law. I needed their support, as this pregnancy was not exactly expected and I was extremely anxious and uncertain when I found out. That's it for people I told, except for posting here, of course. I'd like to keep it under wraps until Christmas for everyone else.
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So far we have told our close friends (a married couple in another city) and two other close friends of mine know. I would really like to wait until Christmas to tell everyone else, because I just don't see our family being encouraging. This baby is a surprise for us and when we went away this weekend for our anniversary all we kept hearing from everyone was "Don't come back pregnant!" They all think they are so funny, but last night I had to hear all about how bad it would be if we got pregnant
from my Mom & stepdad... they were joking around, but I was feeling a little sensitive. I know my Mom will feel terrible when I do tell her.
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When I did a home test last week I called my mom and DH's parents. When I went to the doctor today and had it confirmed, I called them to let them know and called my dad. Ahh, and I put it in my Facebook status. ;-) Everyone else we know will probably find out within the week!
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I don't want to tell anyone before Christmas. Until then, it's just DH and MDC
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